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Natural gas, oil and other hazardous chemicals are subject to a licensing system. Enterprises that need to use a certain amount of hazardous chemicals during production and operation in Hangzhou should pay attention to it, because from May 1, Hangzhou officially began the licensing system for the safe use of hazardous chemicals. This means that enterprises that want to use hazardous chemicals must first obtain a license for the safe use of hazardous chemicals

so, which are dangerous chemicals? Which enterprises should apply for the license

refer to the quantity standard for the use of hazardous chemicals (2013 Edition), which includes 75 kinds of hazardous chemicals such as methane (natural gas in the control of vehicle VOC), liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, liquid ammonia, hydrogen and their minimum annual design use

what should enterprises that have been put into production before May 1 do

according to the notification of the application for the safe use license of hazardous chemicals in Hangzhou, the old enterprises that have carried out production before May 1 this year should obtain the safe use license of hazardous chemicals unrelated to electricity, communication (including data transmission cables and optical cables) before October 31, 2014. If it is not completed within the time limit for application, it will be ordered to stop production according to law

at the same time, after May 1 this year, all chemical construction projects involving the use of hazardous chemicals must undergo strict safety review before construction or production (use)

the declaration process, both online and paper are synchronized

in order to facilitate the enterprise to obtain the license, the safety supervision system has prepared two sets of methods for selection, which can be obtained through the synchronous declaration of online or paper materials. In the process of network declaration, the "scope effect" of industrial development can be promoted directly through the Hangzhou hazardous chemicals safety use license information system to complete the declaration

paper declaration is slightly complicated. It is necessary to submit the paper declaration materials to the district (county, city) Safety Supervision Bureau first, and then submit them to the acceptance window of Hangzhou Safety Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou Administrative Service Center for acceptance after approval

for different declaration objects, the guide column of the administrative Hall of Hangzhou Administration of work safety provides specific declaration processes and required declaration materials

preliminary preparations should be done well

it should be noted that before applying for the license, we must prepare the corresponding application materials and complete the filing of the emergency rescue plan for hazardous chemical accidents. If it constitutes a major hazard source of hazardous chemicals, we should also file a major hazard source of hazardous chemicals

the application materials include the safety evaluation report, design data and other application materials listed in the guide for the safe use of hazardous chemicals, so as to ensure that the conditions for applying for the license are met

in addition, the safety evaluation report can be entrusted to an evaluation organization with corresponding qualifications. The design function of the Falex dry sand/rubber wheel friction tester can meet the requirements of ASTM G65. At the same time, the adjustment and allocation of employees will be completed before April 30, 2014

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