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Will natural gas vehicles replace diesel vehicles? 13 ministries and commissions issued the new deal

on June 23, 2017, 13 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of communications jointly issued the opinions on accelerating the utilization of natural gas. The opinions require various industries to accelerate the utilization of natural gas through various measures, improve the proportion of natural gas in China's primary energy consumption structure, steadily promote the energy consumption revolution, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system. Now I will refine some policies related to our truck industry for you to interpret

● increase the proportion of natural gas vehicles. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei promote heavy natural gas (LNG) vehicles to replace heavy diesel vehicles

speed up the development of natural gas vehicles and ships. Increase the proportion of natural gas in public transportation, freight logistics and ship fuel. Natural gas vehicles will focus on the development of bus rental, long-distance heavy trucks, as well as sanitation, site, port area, scenic spots and other operations and ferry vehicles. Accelerate the promotion of heavy-duty natural gas (LNG) vehicles to replace heavy-duty diesel vehicles in key areas of air pollution control such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

strictly control pollution emissions in the field of transportation. We will strengthen the prevention and control of pollution from mobile sources of land transportation and the control of ship emissions, and formulate strict pollutant emission standards for transportation vehicles and requirements for reducing CO2 emissions per unit of transportation turnover. In key areas of air pollution prevention and control, we will fully install vehicle emission monitoring equipment, strengthen collaborative control, focus on screening diesel trucks and high emission gasoline vehicles, and strictly restrict vehicles with excessive emissions from driving on the road

● accelerate the R & D and manufacturing of natural gas vehicles and vessels, improve the operation efficiency of natural gas vehicles

simplify and optimize the administrative approval matters of natural gas utilization, eliminate the industrial, regional, and by adding gaskets between the oil collector and the pump body. Because their needs are not many bases, promote fair competition. Accelerate the preparation and revision of standards and specifications for natural gas measurement, natural gas vehicle and vessel manufacturing, LNG land inland river storage and distribution, safety protection and safety distance of gas filling (injection) stations, etc

accelerate scientific and technological research and equipment industrialization, increase investment in basic research and applied research of natural gas utilization, and promote the transformation of achievements. Closely track the development of world cutting-edge technology. New computer software enables testing, data collection, analysis, report output, data storage and recovery to be completed automatically, strengthening exchanges and cooperation. Promote the scientific and technological breakthrough and localization of materials (including high manganese austenitic steel, invar alloy, etc.) and equipment (including gas turbines, small gas turbines, fifth generation high-pressure direct injection engines for vehicles, large LNG marine single fuel engines, etc.) in the field of natural gas utilization, and encourage and promote the industrialization of natural gas utilization equipment

develop LNG transportation and vehicle gas technology. Accelerate the improvement of the efficiency of LNG transportation by water, rail and road, promote multimodal transport, explore and develop technologies and equipment for LNG transportation by container, and enhance the flexibility of LNG transportation. Encourage and guide LNG vehicle enterprises to strengthen the research and development of technologies such as electronic control, engine, gas cylinder and evaporative gas recovery, so as to improve the operation efficiency of natural gas vehicles

● speed up the construction of gas filling (injection) stations, encourage enterprises to build their own gas filling stations

speed up the construction of gas filling (injection) stations. Encourage the development of CNG gas stations, LNG gas stations, cng/lng dual-use stations, oil and gas combined stations, oil and gas electricity combined stations, etc. along expressways, national and provincial roads, mining areas, logistics concentration areas, tourist areas, highway passenger transport centers, etc. Make full use of the planned land in or around the existing bus station to build gas stations, and support gas stations with site and other conditions to increase gas filling functions

encourage qualified transportation enterprises to build their own gas stations. Promote the construction of marine LNG filling stations and accelerate the improvement of the layout planning of marine LNG filling stations (wharves). The setting of gas filling (injection) station without leakage shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and engineering and technical specifications and standards

● support many provinces and cities to carry out natural gas pilot projects, and give priority to the allocation of natural gas facility land

orderly support Sichuan, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei and other provinces and cities to carry out comprehensive or special pilot projects for natural gas system reform

all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should incorporate the layout of natural gas peak shaving facilities and gas filling (injection) stations into the planning of energy and related industries, and do a good job in connection with land use, urban and rural construction and other planning. Support enterprises to build the above projects by using the existing land according to law. Priority should be given to the allocation of natural gas facility land that meets the allocated land catalogue, and the supply of natural gas facility land by means of transfer and lease is encouraged. Give priority to ensuring the land demand for the construction of gas storage and peak shaving facilities

● reduce the intermediate links of gas supply and reduce the transmission and distribution costs of all links

we should actively promote the reform of system and mechanism, try to compress the intermediate links of natural gas supply in the province, reduce the level of gas supply, and effectively reduce the transmission and distribution costs of all links. The regions and users where the natural gas trunk pipe can supply gas shall not add gas transmission and distribution links in the name of unified purchase and marketing to increase the cost of gas supply

the price increase without substantial management investment or the need to provide transmission and distribution services should be cancelled immediately. When approving projects, all localities should carefully demonstrate the construction of natural gas pipeline projects in the province, strictly control the pipeline projects that add unnecessary intermediate links, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of "interception and charging" of new pipelines

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