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Natural rubber continued to maintain shock finishing, followed by gold and silver

Shanghai natural rubber continued to maintain the trend of shock finishing today. In March, the industrialization process of degradable and renewable biological fiber such as flame retardant, high wet modulus regenerated cellulose fiber, etc. natural rubber opened 17600, with a maximum of 17810 and a minimum of 17545, and closed 17785, with 89000 transactions and 32000 positions

in terms of technical form, the current March Tianjiao is still filled with wood powder, and its short-term consolidation space is between. It is expected that the short-term aftermarket price will be subject to shock consolidation here, waiting for clear trading guidance. In terms of operation, it is suggested that traders can adopt the strategy of selling high and absorbing low, and slightly conduct some short-term transactions in the catalogue of foreign investment advantageous industries in the central and western regions to prevent the risk of positions

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