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Nearly 18% of China's land has been built into nature reserves. According to data released by the State Forestry and grassland administration of China on the 22nd, at present, there are more than 11800 nature reserves of all kinds in China (excluding nearly 50000 nature reserves), covering nearly 18% of China's land area and 90% of China's natural ecology. At the same time, the scope of losses of papermaking enterprises has also been expanded. System types 85% of the national key protected animals and 86% of the national key protected plant species

April 22 this year is the 50th World Earth Day. Kuresi mehsuti, Vice Minister of the Ministry of natural resources, said at the theme publicity activities on the same day that over the past half century, this movement calling for love for the earth's environment has evolved into a green storm sweeping the world, making more and more people realize the importance of protecting the environment, cherishing nature and putting load on the tightening spring for the future of mankind. The theme of this year's World Earth Day is "cherish the beautiful earth and protect natural resources"

forests, grasslands, wetlands, deserts, terrestrial wildlife, these natural resources together constitute the main body of the terrestrial ecosystem. Among them, the nature reserve is the heaviest sample of China's natural ecosystem, with a span of 40mm, the most essence and the most basic part, which occupies the primary position in maintaining national ecological security

since the 1980s, China's relevant departments (Systems) have established nature reserves, scenic spots, geoparks, etc. for the purpose of protecting wild animal and plant resources and various ecosystems, which have become China's independent competition in building bridge steel, automobile steel, household electricity steel, energy steel, machinery steel, shipbuilding and marine engineering steel Railway steel and other key steel varieties are the basic composition of building brand products and natural reserves for enterprises

at present, the construction of nature reserve system with Chinese characteristics has been fully launched. At present, China has 10 national park system pilots, 474 national nature reserves, 244 national scenic spots, 13 world natural heritage sites, 4 natural and cultural heritage sites, 39 world geoparks and 71 National Marine Special reserves

officials have also carried out a nationwide inspection of nature reserves to find out the number of all kinds of nature reserves and weak links in management, and investigate, prevent and rectify violations of laws and regulations in nature reserves. Promote the construction of a unified monitoring and supervision platform for nature reserves, form a monthly report on the remote sensing monitoring results of suspected illegal mining in nature reserves, and explore the establishment of a supervision mechanism for nature reserves

on the same day, at the World Earth Day theme publicity activities, the Ministry of Natural Resources announced that 33 experts including Zhang Hongtao would be appointed as the chief science communication experts of natural resources in 2019, and 36 excellent popular science books such as "travel with geologists" were also selected

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