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Tianjiao fell, the latest voice at home and abroad

1. A trader in southern Thailand said: "the weather is good, and the rubber price is likely to decline further, but I don't think rubber farmers will sit back and watch the rubber price fall for a long time."

the chairman of the natural rubber Commission of Thailand said, "if the price continues to decline, it will cause problems. If the price falls below 50 baht per kilogram, we will certainly seek help from the government."

the International Rubber Company (IRCO), jointly established by Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, condemned speculators. The organization said: "in recent months, excessive price fluctuations are mainly affected by speculative factors in the futures market, which has affected the physical market. IRCO is closely monitoring the market situation and suggests that the international tripartite rubber committee meet as soon as possible and discuss necessary measures to protect the interests of rubber producers. This is a serious problem, which may bring chaos to the rubber market."

2, in the sound of shouting empty, Shanghai Jiaotong rose, but investors have been numb to the rise, and there is a psychological adaptation process to the rise. Only when the Japanese yen or Japanese yen jumped in the Tokyo rubber price, the situation could change overnight

in the next two months, the inventory of Shanghai Jiao will be reduced by 6395 tons. According to the current futures inventory, it will meet the historical needs. In this era, China has a strong political leader of about 16000 tons, which is the lowest level since the record of Shanghai Jiao

will it break suddenly without significant appearance deformation? There are two gap jumps in Japanese glue, which are 250 and 280 yen respectively. In the trading records of Japanese glue in recent 20 years, the gap must be filled, and the rise height of Japanese glue in this wave is between 15-35%; HuJiao will not be indifferent to this. Measure the L value on both sides of the test piece with a measuring tool σ Value

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