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Natural rubber fell in shock. In November, it may enter the cut-off period one after another.

it is understood that natural rubber has continued to decline in shock in recent years. The situation this year is more severe than in previous years, and the second half of the year is worse than the first half of the year. Rubber farmers' enthusiasm for rubber cutting has been hit hard. For the sake of cost, I have heard of abandoning cutting or planting other cash crops. At the beginning of the month, it was the peak season for rubber cutting. The price of glue fluctuated and fell, and the production cost of all latex followed. Although the price of all latex in Yunnan market also fell, the fluctuation frequency was low, and there was a certain profit space. After mid September, the glue price was supported and rebounded moderately. However, affected by the continuous decline of futures, the market price trend in Yunnan eased, the profit space was compressed, and the production cost began to be discounted

up to now, what Yunnan produces and pays most attention to is the odor of TPE materials. The purchase price of state-owned glue in the raw material market is 8 2 yuan/kg, the purchase price of private glue is 8 5 yuan/kg; State owned secondary rubber block 8 Six months ended December 31, 2018 6 yuan/kg, private secondary rubber block 8 8 yuan/kg, state-owned miscellaneous glue 8.2 yuan/kg. Affected by the increase in glue supply, the price of raw materials has a downward trend

from the five processing plants surveyed, including two state-owned enterprises and three private enterprises, the overall operating rate is the same. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes the majority of users to call and consult, and the product remains at the level of 70%-80%. Of course, affected by the downturn of the market and the decline of rubber price, the price of raw materials continues to decline. It is often heard that the production areas abandon cutting or replace other crops. Moreover, the competitiveness of private rubber factories is weak, and the number of closures increases. In the later stage, state-owned rubber factories or medium and large rubber factories will be the main production force

after the middle of September, the rainy season in the production area ended, and the glue supply was sufficient. Most processing plants were operating at full capacity. The overall processing load increased significantly, and the rubber output also increased significantly compared with the third quarter. It is understood that October is the last high-yield season of the year. In November, it will enter 2. After browsing the instructions, it will enter the cutting suspension period. Therefore, the output of this month is normally high

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