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Liaoning will focus on the development of fluororesin coatings and nano particle coatings

Liaoning will focus on the development of fluororesin coatings and nano particle coatings

April 2, 2006. If the upper and lower limit switches are not adjusted to the appropriate position, on April 5

from the Liaoning provincial government recently released the "guide for tackling key technologies and products in Liaoning's industrial industry", Liaoning Province will focus on developing three petrochemical industries in the future. 3 Adjust the pressure and injection volume to produce finished products with satisfactory appearance

first, fine chemicals. Focus on the deep processing of the chemical industry, lengthen the business transformation or upgrade the industrial chain in its own field, and focus on supporting the development of oil refining catalysts, polyolefin catalysts, synthetic ammonia and organic chemical catalysts; Support the development of fluororesin coatings, nano particle coatings, automotive coatings, powder coatings, water-based coatings, dyes, additives, additives and high-grade dyes; We should encourage the development of fluorocarbon alcohol series products that fill the domestic gap, including high-efficiency, low toxicity and low residue chemical pesticides, biological pesticides and aqueous solvents

second, rubber products. In order to meet the needs of the development of automobile, military industry, mining, light textile, building materials and other industries, we focus on supporting the development of all steel cord construction machinery radial tires, special-purpose series of rubber boats, energy-saving conveyor belts, laminated halogen-free flame retardant conveyor belts, and PVC paste production by Lotion seed polymerization, so that we have developed power resins, cyanogen chloride downstream products, etc; Support the development of cold bonding and hot pressing technology, as well as the production technology of aramid, polyester, nylon and other high-strength skeleton materials

third, new chemical production technology. Support the development of high-pressure hydrogenation technology, catalytic distillation process technology of ethoxy compounds with an annual output of 10000 tons, and polypropylene (PP) production process technology with low cost and high product yield; Encourage the development of new additives, new adsorbents and high-performance additive compounding technology for synthetic resin processing, new process for catalytic hydrogenation to prepare vinyl oxychloride, and key technologies for the preparation and treatment of nano materials

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