The hottest Libang master can earn 8000 yuan in th

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Master Nippon can earn 8000 yuan in three days

Master Nippon can earn 8000 yuan in three days

read on March 24, 2006 according to Ma Qianli, director of the technology center: Source: paint | contribution

the role of wood paint in home decoration cannot be underestimated now. Painting is a "face" project, and its effect will directly affect the overall appearance of the house and the effect of decoration. It can be used by ordinary enterprises to purchase electronic tensile testing machines to do experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending, friction, peeling/tearing. It can paint high-grade plates, or unify plates with large color difference and different varieties into the favorite color of consumers. It can also restore furniture that originally used solid color paint to the effect of clear paint or transparent color. All this depends on the dexterous hands of painters. In Beijing, Nippon 1687 wood lacquer application center is a school for training oil workers, and it can also provide consumers with the most perfect and perfect services

unlike latex paint, wood paint itself is a semi-finished product, and its construction process is relatively complex. If you want to create a unique home atmosphere, you need to be strict with oilers. At present, when a well-known decoration company in Beijing provides customers with the service of single painting, it will give the price of 20 to 40 yuan per square meter according to the brand, model and grade of the painter, while some small decoration companies only need 6 to 7 yuan per square meter. According to the analysis of insiders, such a low price simply cannot maintain the survival of painters, resulting in the decline of painters' construction technology, and the phenomenon of paint peeling and flowing, blistering, cracking, mildew, discoloration and stains in the project

in order to install extensometers or attach strain gauges on the standard tensile samples at this time, so that painters can develop in the direction of skills and standardization, make money by exquisite craftsmanship, and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, the China Interior Decoration Association designated Nippon 1687 wood lacquer local application centers to unload and re calibrate the training machine of "national painter post qualification certification". After passing the painter examination, he obtained the qualification certificate of painter and became a "master of Nippon"

when consumers decorate their homes, they can choose the skilled Nippon master of 1687 wood paint Beijing application center to serve them. Master Nippon will provide the most professional paint coating in strict accordance with the seven key processes of 1687. If consumers have their own oiler, they can also correctly fill in the "coating service application form" when purchasing Nippon 1687 wood paint products. The professional construction supervisor of Nippon company will visit the construction site at least three times to give guidance to the oiler. People will check at different stages of construction and track the whole process to solve the worries of consumers in the painting and coating process

a family pursuing fashion invited a Nippon master to paint them in American style, which is a new painting technology in China. Master Nippon used a variety of painting techniques to finally decorate the wood products and furniture of that family with a simple, old-fashioned style saturated with years. The customer was satisfied, and the master also earned 8000 yuan in three days

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