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Liaoyuan Keruite engineering plastic alloy bottom pivot bearing has been successfully applied

this is another new product after the copper base inlaid herringbone gate bottom pivot bearing. The rear collet seat can move left and right on the frame, which has the characteristics of low friction resistance and no rotation angle instigation, corrosion resistance to seawater/acid and alkali water quality, wear resistance, large bearing capacity, good seismic resistance, etc. Due to the characteristics of water lubrication, the pollution of lubricating grease to water resources and environment can be reduced. This product is widely used in miter gate of hydraulic engineering and miter gate bottom pivot of civil air defense engineering. In addition to bearing less than copper based inlay materials, corrosion resistance, silence, long life and other characteristics are superior to other products

engineering plastic alloy bottom pivot bearing

-- realize the transformation from industrial development and expansion period to industrial maturity period

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