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The swindler pretended to be the boss of the carton factory and defrauded two women of more than 100000 yuan

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core tip: Recently, a man in Jingshan, Hubei Province cheated two women through "people nearby" and then pressed the "return" button for more than 100000 yuan. In the process of fraud, the man pretended to be the owner of a paper box factory. At present, the man has been arrested by Jingshan police, and the case is under further investigation. According to the police, the man once worked in a local carton factory. After resigning, the man rented another idle factory in the west of Jingshan city. He has registered and established a packaging company without an operating entity

36 year old Lili (a pseudonym) is a logistics owner in Jingshan City, Hubei Province. On June 26 this year, she made friends with momen, a man born in iso/cd 15822:2001, through "searching for people nearby" and the experimental method of diagonal deformation under the action of earthquake forces. The other party claimed to be engaged in packaging processing, and the two talked about some cooperative delivery

the man named "a carton factory" claimed his name was Zhang Hua. In the subsequent video chat, the other party appeared in a "police uniform" style uniform, saying that he was originally from the Xinshi police station and was now transferred to the procuratorate. On June 29, Zhang Hua took Lili to visit a carton factory in the eastern suburb of Xinshi city and said that he was a civil servant and could not run a business, so the legal representative registered in the carton factory was not himself

with the deepening of communication and understanding, Lili completely put down her guard and highly praised Zhang Hua's interpersonal relationship and handling ability. But as Zhang Hua borrowed money again and again, Lili became suspicious, so she tried to excuse herself. Later, Zhang Hua once again asked Lili to lend a hand to help him through the difficulties. He couldn't help pleading again and again, and Lili lent him a credit card to "turn it around"

soon, Lili received two reminders of large card swiping transactions. Feeling wrong, Lili quickly contacted the issuing bank and took a series of security measures, such as reducing the amount, cashing out, freezing, etc. Then, at the urging of Lili, Zhang Hua returned the credit card. Lili went to the mobile company to check Zhang Hua's number and found that the owner of Zhang Hua's number was Zhang min

On July 11, Lili came to Xinshi police station and asked to verify Zhang Hua's identity. The police at the police station told Lili that there was no Zhang Hua in Jingshan public security organ at all. Next, the police collected evidence from Lili and found that there was more than one fraud involving Zhang Hua

on October 3, 2018, Xiao Lan (a pseudonym), a 29 year old divorced woman, met a man named Zhang Hua through making friends. Zhang Hua claimed to have a packaging enterprise under his name, which had been divorced for 2 years, and passed the ID card and divorce certificate pictures to Xiao Lan for verification. Then the two met and went to the field to inspect the carton factory run by Zhang Hua

Xiao Lan is an ordinary enterprise employee. In the face of Zhang Hua, who is superior and eloquent, Xiao Lan quickly made a secret promise, and the two also went from "love" to reality. In November of that year, Zhang Hua visited Xiao Lan's parents and said that he would take Xiao Lan home to meet his parents when he had the opportunity

from late November, Zhang Hua borrowed money from Xiaolan for more than 10 times for various reasons. By late May this year, Xiaolan had lent a total of more than 160000 yuan through transfer, credit card cashing and other means. During this period, Zhang Hua paid back the money sporadically several times, but there are still more than 150000 yuan to be returned

at the end of May this year, Xiao Lan accidentally heard that Zhang Hua has a home, which depends on the overall level of the company. Through tracking and searching, she found Zhang Hua's rental place, met Zhang Hua's wife and parents, and learned that his real name was Zhang min. Xiao Lan immediately asked Zhang Min for a loan of 150000 yuan. Because Zhang Min refused to pay back the money, Xiao Lan reported the case to Xinshi police station on June 4

the police station of Xinshi Town, Jingshan City investigated the above two fraud cases with a "fake life" customized by the former carton factory workers. On the afternoon of August 14, the police in charge intercepted and arrested Zhang Min, who was driving an unlicensed "Audi" car in the urban area. In the trunk, the police found fake license plates, fake ID cards, fake divorce certificates, fake official seals, fake land use certificates, fake police uniforms and other fake items, just like a fake "warehouse"

Zhang Min, 29, is a villager in a township in Jingshan city. When working in Zhejiang five years ago, Zhang Min made a girlfriend. Suffering from no house in Jingshan urban area, he spent 200 yuan to make a fake land use certificate as the capital for making friends. Although his girlfriend finally blew up, Zhang Min smelled that the false evidence was profitable

in the second half of 2018, after Zhang Min resigned from a local carton factory, he rented another idle factory in the west of Jingshan city. He has registered and established a packaging company without an operating entity. The carton factory he took Xiaolan and Lili to visit was actually the factory where they used to work

Zhang Min has been detained in advance and will eventually be severely punished by the law after the case is further investigated

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