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On January 6, 2010, Forbes China released the 2010 Forbes China potential enterprise list. A total of 200 fast-growing enterprises were included in the list. With its own strength, Lide warford was ranked 19th on the list. This is also the only high-voltage high-power transformer 2, which was rated as a Chinese potential enterprise by Forbes for two consecutive years and ranked among the top 50 The ranking of manufacturers of digital display spring tension and compression testing machine frequency speed regulation system further shows that Lide Huafu has a leading position in the high-voltage inverter industry

the research threshold set by Forbes is "a development enterprise with sales between 5million yuan and 1billion yuan and its main business in Chinese Mainland". Although the wire rod they provided is not 100% environmentally friendly, according to this standard, the research team investigated more than 10000 candidate enterprises, and made field visits to the enterprises with excellent data performance. Finally, 200 excellent enterprises were selected according to the five indicators of rapid and healthy growth of enterprises (sales growth rate, profit growth rate, return on total assets, return on net assets and sales profit rate)

Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent and innovative enterprise that has always focused on the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection. The company was founded in 1998 and is developing at a high speed with an annual average growth rate of more than 50%. At present, it is the undisputed high-voltage frequency converter manufacturer with the largest production scale and the strongest production capacity in China, and occupies a leading position in the fields of high-voltage and high-power frequency conversion and speed regulation automatic control products and technical solutions in China. Since the successful development of the first domestic high-voltage high-power variable-frequency speed regulation system with independent intellectual property rights in 2000, Lide Huafu Electric has paid great attention to the forging of scientific research ability. The level of 20 experimental machine is level 1. In August 2009, Lide Huafu 7500kw synchronous motor high-voltage converter was put into operation in Jinan iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which is the only high-voltage variable-frequency equipment with the maximum power to achieve sales and application among many domestic high-voltage converter manufacturers. In September of the same year, the cumulative sales performance of Lide Huafu exceeded 3000 sets, and its products were exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas and other regions, and its market share remained the first for six consecutive years. At present, Lide Huafu is also actively seizing the opportunity to help you develop new energy and enter the field of wind power generation. Qingneng Huafu, a subsidiary of the company, has been successfully developed 1 The 5 MW variable speed constant frequency doubly fed asynchronous wind power converter has been successfully applied to many wind farms to generate electricity

Lide Huafu is a high-tech enterprise with core independent intellectual property rights and integrating production, learning and research; It is also the only enterprise in the high-voltage inverter industry that has passed the "three in one" management system certification and audit, and occupies a leading position in the domestic high-voltage and high-power frequency conversion and speed regulation automatic control products and technical solutions. Over the past few years, it has been rated as "the most influential brand in the field of frequency converters", "China's top ten domestic frequency converter brands", "China's famous brand enterprise" and "annual innovative product" by various authoritative departments, industry media, industry associations and other institutions for many times. It has made outstanding contributions to the cause of national energy conservation and emission reduction

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