The hottest Libyan oil field is temporarily closed

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The daily oil production of Libya's temporarily closed oil fields was reduced to 150000 barrels

the daily oil production of Libya's temporarily closed oil fields was reduced to 150000 barrels

2014 open the oil unloading valve March 27, 2014

[China paint information] according to Qatar al Jazeera television station on March 24, the Libyan National Petroleum Company announced on Monday (March 24) that the Libyan authorities would temporarily close the Phil oil field due to the interruption of the pipeline to the port of melitah. The spokesman of the organization also said that since the closure of the oil field on Tuesday (March 25), the daily oil production of Libya will be reduced to 150000 barrels. At present, the specific reason for the pipeline interruption is not known yet. Italian oil giant Eni will cooperate with national oil company

officials at a refinery in zawiya, the gateway to the west of Tripoli, announced yesterday that 65% of the production facilities of the refinery, which originally produced about 120000 barrels per day of oil, had been cut off. The officials added that the reduction in crude oil production would not affect gasoline supply for the domestic market

the protests of Libyan militants have led to the shutdown of the Sharara oilfield, which supplies 340000 barrels of oil per day and crude oil for the zawiya refinery. The oil field has been plagued by protests and demonstrations in the past few months. Friends in need can contact the experimental machine factory for PetroChina production in the past few years. Salara oil field is light in Libya, supplying gasoline and other crude oil products to refineries in the capital and Western Libya

the function of measuring and controlling Xirong by fatigue testing machine is to ensure that the system can produce an amplitude at resonance, which can be adjusted freely. Large scale riots, protests and the closure of oil ports have caused a sharp reduction in Libyan oil production. In July 2013, the country's daily oil production was about 1.4 million barrels, while the shutdown of Shalala oilfield led to the decline of the country's oil production to 230000 barrels/day on the 18th of this month

budget and ports

according to the statement of Libya's acting Minister of economy, Suhail bushiha, the country is facing a budget crisis due to the sharp decline in oil production and exports. The Libyan government has not approved any budget so far in 2014. This dilemma is inseparable from the "significant decline in oil revenue, which leads to financial difficulties"

the most prominent challenge facing Libya's oil industry is the closure of the three major eastern oil ports of Ras lanuf, Sidra and zuvatina by militants. These ports have been controlled by followers of ibrahimgadelaini, the leader of the protesters, since last summer. The move is aimed at putting pressure on the Tripoli government to respond to its demand for more shares of oil resources and more autonomy for the eastern region

after the failure of mediation between the two sides, Tripoli asked gadolini to lift the blockade on the oil port before March 12, otherwise it will carry out military attack. However, analysts said that Libya's fledgling armed forces may face difficulties in implementing this threat. These three ports export nearly 700000 barrels of crude oil, accounting for half of the country's total exports

after months of threats, gadeleni's militants managed to drive the "morning glory" cruise ship loaded with illegal crude oil out of Sidra port and get rid of the control of the Libyan Navy. Since then, the U.S. Navy has successfully controlled the tanker in the international waters of the Mediterranean and brought it back to Libya in the past few days

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