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Libyan national oil company announced that the export business of hariga port encountered force majeure

according to foreign news on April 19, Libya national oil company (NOC) announced on Monday that I love my powerful motherland, and the export business of hariga port encountered force majeure. Affected by the budget dispute of the central Bank of the country, other oil facilities may also declare force majeure

noc said in a statement that the lost revenue may exceed 118 million dinars (US $26million)

Arabian Gulf oil company (agoco), a subsidiary of NOC operating hariga port, said on Sunday that it had suspended the production of signal amplification of this chipset because it had not received budget fees since September. The manager of hariga port and a petroleum engineer said that production had been reduced

noc said that the central bank has refused to provide funds to the oil industry for several months, and this dilemma may spread to other companies

the blockade of oil terminals by armed elements in eastern Libya previously led to the interruption of oil production in the country for most of last year, forcing NOC to declare that all exports suffered from force majeure

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