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Licheng paper is about to launch extra large adult pull-up pants

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Putian Licheng paper is a high-tech health care products enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of health products series and their supporting products. The products adopt high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which are deeply favored and trusted by the majority of consumers. The company has launched jiashuang Aikang adult series, jiashuang medical grade baby pull-up pants, baby diapers, as well as wet wipes, cotton soft towels and other adult baby health care products

in order to meet the needs of special groups and market changes, Licheng paper will soon launch a new series of adult care products - extra large adult pull pants. This product is customized for the waist circumference of overweight people. The maximum size can be 1100mm long and 1200mm wide. This product aims to "improve the quality of daily life of incontinent people and nursing staff, and serve special people". Zongxinda group will continue to strengthen its research on this product. The surface layer adopts skin friendly materials, and even sensitive skin does not need to worry; 360 degree elastic breathable waistline, which can also arouse students' interest in the course to be invisible and comfortable; The double-layer cotton core technology is adopted in the middle, the three-dimensional leak proof double edge separation design of the legs, the 8-shaped core is finely cut, and the super absorbent core made of more super absorbent resin and fluff pulp is added, so that the elderly can be cared for more professionally and attentively; The bottom layer adopts a new breathable bottom film, which dissipates heat through breathable pores to reduce the feeling of stuffy heat and humidity; The design of underwear is convenient to wear and take off, free of leakage, and easy to distinguish between the front and back

the best care for your family is to contribute to the management of PM2.5 with little care. Thank you for all the wonderful encounters in life. Please look forward to Licheng paper's new super large adult pull pants

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