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Tobacco hard packaging will become the mainstream of tobacco packaging in the world it is understood that the global tobacco market has analyzed the reasons for its emergence. The number of soft pack cigarettes on the market is decreasing, and the proportion of hard pack cigarettes is rising. This kind of hard pack provides greater freedom in printing and packaging design for tobacco packaging manufacturers

by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%, and hard pack cigarettes will become the main packaging method for tobacco in all regions of the world except Africa and the Middle East. It is expected that the hard packaging market share of China's tobacco will also increase to 60%-70% in a few years, while the soft and hard packaging of cigarettes currently account for 50% of the market respectively

the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machine has promoted the wide use of hard pack. As the packaging speed of the hard pack cigarette packaging machine is 20, the weight of the main machine is 1250kg; It is much faster than the soft pack cigarette packaging machine, and it is more attractive to large cigarette factories

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