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Improving the energy structure of hydropower construction or entering the outbreak period

improving the energy structure of hydropower construction or entering the outbreak period

information on China's construction machinery

introduction: the data recently released by the national development and Reform Commission shows that China's hydropower generation fell by 11.2% year-on-year in July, the largest drop since March last year. In addition, according to the forecast of the meteorological department, the precipitation in the South will still be less in the future, and the drought may continue, which means that there is still a downside risk for hydropower generation. Vigorously develop

according to the data recently released by the national development and Reform Commission, China's hydropower generation in July fell by 11.2% year-on-year, the largest drop since March last year. In addition, according to the forecast of the meteorological department, the precipitation in the South will still be less in the future, and the drought may continue, which means that there is still a downside risk for hydropower generation

"vigorously developing hydropower is also the most direct and effective way to improve China's energy structure. Hydropower should be given priority during the" 12th Five Year Plan " Researcher shenhongwen told that the current energy structure in China is extremely unreasonable. Although new energy has developed rapidly, it is not enough to support the growth of energy demand for economic development. In a word, among the rich, reliable and clean energy sources, nothing has the most potential and development value than hydropower. Therefore, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the government should find sustainable materials to replace the ABS plastic currently used in Lego building blocks, vigorously promote the development of hydropower and improve the proportion of hydropower in the energy structure

accelerated approval of hydropower projects

"the approval progress of hydropower projects this year is obviously faster than last year." Zhangboting, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of hydropower engineering, introduced that the severe drought in Southwest China and large-scale power shortage stimulated the speed-up of approval of hydropower projects to some extent. In 2011, "it is planned that the scale of newly started hydropower projects in the whole year will reach more than 20million kW", while the total construction volume during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period is only more than 20million kW

According to researcher hanqicheng, the approval of large-scale hydropower projects has been unfrozen. Since last June, the national development and Reform Commission has approved 12 hydropower projects, and another two key hydropower projects in the 12th Five Year Plan are about to be approved. The total investment is about 253.8 billion yuan, with an installed capacity of 45.79 million KW

China's existing water resources and energy structure also provide space for hydropower development. China is rich in water resources, but the current development level is only 36%, far behind the level of 60% in developed countries. More importantly, the Chinese government made a commitment to energy conservation and emission reduction at the Copenhagen conference. The outline of the 12th Five year plan also proposed that non fossil energy should account for 11.4%, and hydropower will be the main force of clean energy

it is understood that the 12th Five Year Plan for hydropower has been submitted to the State Council. The plan proposes that 70million kilowatts of new hydropower installed capacity will be added during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and 120million kilowatts of new installed capacity will be added in the next decade

a researcher from a securities firm pointed out that the approval of hydropower projects directly benefits the relevant hydropower equipment enterprises. The hydropower equipment industry in which the company is located has a significant order driven performance. At present, the industry development and order harvest, as an important basic link of industrial transformation and upgrading, belong to the golden period

disorderly development of small hydropower is on the rise

while the approval of large hydropower is accelerated, disorderly construction of local small hydropower is on the rise again. Hubei local media said that "100 small hydropower stations' dismember 'Shennongjia River, 70% of which have not been approved by EIA". A few days ago, CCTV's economic half hour, the largest composite aircraft so far, just exposed the "crazy launch of thousands of unlicensed hydropower stations in Zhouqu"

analysts pointed out that strengthening the development and utilization of small hydropower in rural areas can not only drive the local economic development, but also be an important measure to protect the ecological environment, solve the power consumption in remote areas and lift the residents in backward areas out of poverty. However, due to the small investment in small hydropower, and the economic benefits of its power generation are far higher than other functions, some hydropower stations sacrifice other functions for power generation, and even there is a chaos of small hydropower rush and disorderly development in some areas

according to zhangboting, several major state-owned power groups are facing the pressure of increasing the proportion of clean energy, and small and medium-sized hydropower resources have become the objects of their competing layout and acquisition, making the prices of local small and medium-sized hydropower stations rising

hydropower development has always been accompanied by questions about ecological problems. It is reported that the "12th Five Year Plan" for hydropower pointed out that the ecological environment protection should be implemented and strengthened in the whole process of river planning, exploration and design, construction and operation, so as to achieve synchronous planning, construction and operation, and further optimize and adjust the river development planning scheme in combination with the regional and river ecological environment and resettlement practice, so as to appropriately control the layout of high dam and large reservoir hydropower stations

benign factors to promote hydropower development

promoting clean energy with hydropower as the focus and optimizing the power structure have become the main focus of the five state-owned power generation groups. It is reported that, in addition to the active layout of rivers and rivers, power giants such as Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian, and China power investment have actively negotiated for small and medium-sized hydropower projects in Southwest China such as Sichuan and Yunnan

"at present, people's misunderstanding of hydropower development is basically caused by small hydropower. Some small hydropower is lack of management, disordered development, inadequate ecological protection, lax environmental assessment, and some are" three no "construction, resulting in large-scale soil erosion and serious damage to forest vegetation. It is a good thing for state-owned power generation groups to participate in the development of small and medium hydropower, which will help promote the scientific development and orderly development of small hydropower." Liaowengen, executive deputy director of the national hydropower sustainable development research center, told me

shenhongwen holds a similar view. He said to: "It is undeniable that there is a certain phenomenon of 'scattered and poor' in the current private small hydropower. Many small hydropower stations are in a state of loss due to poor management, and some projects are unable to build due to lack of funds. In addition, private small hydropower stations also have to face problems such as' power generation 'and migration. These problems restrict the standardized development of small hydropower stations. Relatively speaking, in terms of capital, technology, power access and negotiation ability with local governments On the one hand, the advantages of state-owned power generation enterprises are more obvious. "

"only by overall planning can we realize the optimization of the economic, environmental and social benefits of hydropower development. The development of one river by one company is an ideal state. If multiple companies jointly develop, it is best to establish a unified River Basin supervision organization to coordinate the development of the river basin and the protection of the ecological environment, and implement joint optimal dispatching of the river basin. Only in this way can we better promote the coordinated development of hydropower development and ecological protection." Liaowengen tells me

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