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Seizing the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" Thai Fu will enter the Myanmar market

seizing the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" Thai Fu will enter the Myanmar market

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in order to seize the strategic opportunity of the national "the Belt and Road" and help Thai Fu accelerate its "going global", recently, Zhang Jian, vice president of the group, and xionghuihai, deputy general manager of the Hong Kong Branch, led a delegation to Myanmar to investigate investment opportunities, He also visited the Minister of transport and other leaders of the new government of Myanmar in Yangon. During the meeting, Zhang Jian and Zhang Jian introduced in detail the development process, product advantages and overseas investment strategy of Taifu, and expressed their intention to invest in port construction in Myanmar

"as a platform level project, Taifu marine engineering and port manufacturing base hopes to provide strong technical and equipment support for infrastructure construction such as Myanmar ports and wharves. The Myanmar government will also give Taifu the most preferential policies." The Myanmar government recognizes the strong strength of Taifu that can be considered according to the experimental requirements. At the same time, it has unlimited expectations for the cooperation between the two sides

in recent years, China Myanmar economic and trade cooperation has made great progress; In, Myanmar plans to attract foreign investment of 6billion US dollars. This meeting helped Taifu enter the Myanmar market and expand the entire Southeast Asian market, with a year-on-year increase of 2.32% for modified plastics But at the same time, the surplus balance of surplus enterprises reached 4.351 billion yuan, which opened a good start, and the future is full of infinite possibilities

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