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The fixed fan part of fengleiyi's flat frame window also realizes the indoor installation of adhesive tape, which does not need to be installed outdoors, making the installation of windows safer

other people's balconies are like this

and your balcony may be like this

other people's balconies are full of comfort and romance. Look at your balcony, in addition to drying clothes, it also drying sausages

you may not fully understand the benefits of sealing the balcony

benefits of balcony sealing

there are many benefits of balcony sealing


safety, anti-theft and fall prevention

after sealing the balcony, it is difficult for the thief to pry open the window and enter. If the balcony is not sealed, the thief may pry open the balcony door. On the other side, sealing the balcony can prevent children from climbing and falling off the building


increase the usable area

now the house price is high, and the small house type is the choice of most high-income families. Find a way to live a large space in the small house type. After sealing the balcony, in addition to drying clothes, it can also create a small study, gym and even a small bedroom


reduce noise

after sealing the balcony, the balcony window and balcony door can form two sound barriers, greatly reducing outdoor noise and making the home more quiet


activities in rainy days

if the balcony is not closed, it is difficult to exercise on the balcony in rainy days. After the balcony is closed, you can exercise and dry clothes on the balcony even if it is windy and rainy



sealing the balcony can keep the dust out, otherwise the balcony is full of dust, and it is easy to step the dust on the balcony floor into the hall and get dirty

what kind of window to seal the balcony

high end casement windows are preferred

casement windows have good sealing performance. The multiple sealing design of fengleiyi casement windows, coupled with imported hardware accessories, makes sound insulation and heat insulation more


the flat frame window is more high-end, and its sash and sash are on the same plane, which is not only beautiful, but also more sealed, theft-proof and pry proof

the fixed fan part of fengleiyi's flat frame window also realizes the indoor installation of adhesive tape, which does not need to be installed outdoors, making the installation of windows safer

next, you can choose high rail sliding windows

the price of sliding windows is cheaper than casement windows. If the budget is limited, install sliding windows with better quality

fengleiyi's high rail sliding window can effectively block the rain outside the window from entering the room, and the window sash is embedded in the window frame. Combined with the application of multiple silicified wool strips and EPDM sealant strips, the sealing performance is more excellent

precautions for sealing balcony

1 When dismantling and changing, first of all, cut off power and water to maintain safety, and check the leakage at the same time

2. Generally, the balcony is sealed first and then pasted with tiles, because sealing the balcony requires some actions that damage the wall, such as playing expansion screws or slotting. You can repair it well when pasting porcelain

bricks later

3. During the water and electricity transformation, the sockets needed by the balcony should be reserved

4. Remove the guardrail and seal the balcony. If there is a guardrail and the window is installed in the guardrail, it will be very difficult to glue the contact surface between the window and the balcony, and it is not easy to check whether it is waterproof, which will easily leave hidden dangers for future window seepage

5. Don't dismantle the broken bridge aluminum railings. Some communities use aluminum alloy + laminated glass. The balcony guardrail of this material and structure has high safety, strong

degree and hardness

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