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Ding Haifeng, a tough guy on the silver screen, helped in the national brand month of seamless wallcovering. This 5.1, because seamless, thousands of people

peak action, who will compete

flawless, heavy attack

star support, surprise even hi

Ding Haifeng, a tough guy on the silver screen, helped in the national brand month. This 5.1, because the clothes are seamless, thousands of people are empty

speaking of star Ding Haifeng, he is a well-known tough guy on the screen, especially the most familiar 98 edition of water margin. Ding Haifeng's ruthlessness and solid acting skills have shaped the classic role of Wu Song, which is difficult to surpass. In the name of the people, Ding Haifeng plays director Zhao Donglai, including the broadcast of the TV series "seamless" with the brand name of seamless, Let him become a household name again, and his popularity and popularity are on the rise. Ding Haifeng's role always brings us surprises, which is beyond our imagination

2019, this 5.1 is destined to work seamlessly with tough star Ding Haifeng to jointly set off a wave of people in China's building materials, home furnishing and wall covering industry, and bring unimaginable surprises to new and old customers who like Ding Haifeng and seamlessly. Who can compete with him? Multiple surprises, multiple actions, multiple discounts, peak actions

welcome the grand meeting, we are ready to go

in this "peak action ・ who will compete" activity, flawless stores across the country are ready to go. Posters, flags and exhibition shelves of the activity fill every corner of the store and convey the warmest atmosphere of the activity to every customer

seamless wall fabric is rich in styles, colorful, distinctive in mechanism, soft in texture, seamless in pasting, strong in three-dimensional sense, wear-resistant to the parapet, and prevents warping and bubbles. It is the best wall decoration material selected in new houses, hotels, clubs, offices, shopping malls, KTVs, bars or entertainment places, so as to create an environment-friendly, warm and fashionable home entertainment and living environment for you, Seamless wall fabric products are favored by the majority of users once they are launched, and the sales network is all over the country

(source: Shaoxing Merlot seamless adhesive free seamless wall cloth)




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