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Fiana, who has a residence in the downtown area, has always enjoyed the modern and convenient life in the city. Naturally, she prefers the modern style with urban temperament in design, but she began to camp in the suburbs because of the excitement and nostalgia of a smart and clever mixed race Chaigou for the suburbs with lush grass and trees. Because she works at home, fiana can better experience the freshness brought by her new house, and her ease with the new lifestyle is also a mere statement. She walks and plays with her daughter under the grass, flowers and trees, chats with her neighbors, and shares her experience of gardening. More often, I read and work in a sunny house, and I can feel my daughter's simple and honest actions in the garden through the clean French windows at any time

fiana's cognition of things is not limited to its appearance, but to deeply explore the root causes. The attitude towards the planning and construction of the whole interior is also lukewarm. The project took nearly half a year. At first, the 1917 design plane, which advocated the spirit of the city like fiana, was constructed by fiana himself, and the picture in her heart was slowly realized

she smiles. She used to design houses and always liked to follow the trend, but this time, not at all. As your mind grows slowly, what you love and want shows more clearly the texture you should have

the afternoon sun poured down through the skylight on the roof, and the whole room was shrouded in quiet Zen. With a knowing smile, the beauty of the combination of new Chinese style and modern style may be here

just because of his amazing love for a camphor box, he slowly infiltrated the new Chinese style into this white space, so he also set the tone of white + Black + log, just to be consistent with the 180 ° sunlight from dawn to dusk, just to be consistent with the green, lush trees outside the window, and to be closer to his love




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