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Tobacco packaging - play the role of flexographic printing

flexographic printing is in full swing in foreign countries, and its proportion in the printing market is also increasing year by year. However, in China, it is "applauded but not popular". One of the main reasons is that the acceptance of flexographic printing in the domestic market needs to be strengthened; On the other hand, foreign packaging design has always used simple and lively color blocks and lines to enhance the visual effect. China's competitiveness in this field is worrying. It uses the brake to brake the pendulum. However, in China, packaging products are mostly designed with large-area spot colors and images. At the same time, the domestic flexo printing process with its supporting raw and auxiliary materials also has a big gap with foreign countries. The length of this car is 4.5m, but for cigarette packs that are mainly color blocks, lines or medium dark tones, flexo printing is still promising

nilpeter fa-2 extruder export fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year 500 flexographic press

firstly, most of the narrow width flexographic presses introduced in China are 6+1 color groups, and the last color group is used for glazing, which can give full play to the advantages of flexographic printing in spot color printing; Secondly, at present, domestic flexographic plate manufacturers have found out a set of effective flexographic plate making process, which can basically meet the requirements of hierarchical printing. In addition, flexographic printing with online indentation, stamping, die cutting and other stations, high production efficiency. In addition, flexographic printing uses water-based ink, which can make a big fuss on environmental protection

during the formulation of the cigarette pack flexo printing process, the plate making process should be determined according to the specific process conditions, such as the smoothness of the paper, the wrinkle roll parameters, the gray balance data of the ink, etc; In the printing process, because the viscosity and dryness of the water-based ink are affected by the pH value, the pH value of the ink should be strictly controlled; Considering that flexographic printing point expansion is more serious than offset printing, like offset printing, the printing pressure must be adjusted to the minimum

here are some tips as follows: since the ink is transferred through the embossing roller, and the ink amount required for field printing and layered printing is different, the field and line of the same color should be made separately; Since the angle of the wrinkle roll is mostly 60 °, the adding angle of the layered version should avoid 60 ° to prevent moire; Considering that the ink drying method is volatilization drying, in order to improve the contrast, it is recommended to use the printing color sequence of K → cm → y, and finally print the spot color; As the "heart" of flexographic printing, the corrugation roller should be configured to meet the needs of cigarette packet printing

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