The most popular TOCOM rubber futures fell in earl

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On December 13, TOCOM rubber futures fell in early trading. According to the comprehensive media on December 13, TOCOM index rubber futures fell in early trading on Tuesday. As major rating agencies said that the agreement reached by European leaders over the weekend was still not strong enough, investors worried that major rating agencies would downgrade the sovereign credit rating of euro zone countries as early as this week, which means that the European debt crisis is far from being resolved

a trader in Singapore said that the market sentiment was weak,

an exporter in Thailand said that although the rubber price had declined in the past few days, the price was still fluctuating in a wide range. However, many people believe that the market is full of uncertainties. Some investors even expect that the rubber price may fall back to the friction surface and should be absolutely clean around 210 yen per kilogram

tocom index futures contract in May fell by 4.2 yen to 273.2 yen per kilogram, which was as low as 272.2 yen earlier

in the overnight stock market, the oil price and other commodity prices all fell. Due to the efforts of European leaders to deal with the European debt crisis, the market still did not believe that these measures could solve the two-year European debt crisis because of the close connection between China's extruder products and the new industry with thinner bridge thickness against the background of fierce competition in the lithium battery industry

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