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Five points of choosing consumables for inkjet printing

for individual users, it has gradually become a need and trend to have a printer that can output documents, pictures and photos. A few years ago, it was considered a luxury for ordinary individuals to buy an inkjet printer with more than 1000 yuan. Now, it only costs a few hundred yuan to have a home (type) inkjet printer with complete functions and good performance

however, after solving the problem of printer, the problem of printing consumables came out again. At present, there are many printing consumables in the market, coupled with a lack of understanding of some professional technology, when purchasing, they are often overwhelmed by various "personalized" publicity from manufacturers, and do not know what kind of products to buy. In fact, when purchasing printing consumables, individual users can quickly find the most suitable printing consumables by comprehensively comparing the five guidelines (performance indicators) of printing effect, product quality, consumables cost, service life and after-sales service of printing consumables

printing effect

when purchasing printing consumables, many users generally have such a mentality: when purchasing, they identify the most expensive original consumables. In fact, for users, the most intuitive way to reflect the quality of consumables is the printing effect, and the most direct way to understand the printing effect is to compare the effect pictures of consumables of different brands: if it is a printed text, in addition to paying attention to whether the color depth is uniform, you also need to observe whether the handwriting is clear, whether the printing lines are broken, and whether the strokes are accurate; If you are printing pictures, you should observe whether there is paper bleeding on the paper, whether the hierarchy of graphics and texts is clear, whether there is color deviation or distortion, and whether the transition color is uniform and natural. By looking at the printed effect picture, even if you are not a professional, you can clearly understand whether the effect of ink cartridge printing meets your needs

product quality

after long-term use, the print head of the printer often has nozzle blockage, white lines, broken lines, color spots and other phenomena, which become more and more serious with the extension of the use time of the print head. Many times, people often attribute this problem to the unstable quality of printing consumables. However, this problem may also be caused by the deposition of ink that has not been used for a long time and blocks the print head. Therefore, when selecting printing consumables, the size and purity of ink droplets are very important. If users choose high-quality ink, they can also extend the service time of the print head

service life

but these appliances still need real and physical electronic and electrical connectors. What kind of product quality is good? Professionals generally like to recommend HP, Canon, Epson and other original consumables; If they choose in the field of general professional consumables, they will recommend Tianwei and gezhige products, because professional consumables manufacturers with stable quality and considerate service such as Tianwei will produce corresponding ink cartridges according to different brands of printers, so as to ensure closer cooperation between ink and printers. Tianwei ink cartridge adopts a new light and water resistant pigment ink, which has very good waterproof performance; At the same time, through special ink penetration control technology, Tianwei ink cartridge can print clear and sharp images on ordinary paper and words comparable to laser printers. In addition, the colorant of the light resistant and waterproof pigment ink is retained on the surface of the paper, making the color density higher, and preventing the image from bleeding to the back of the paper, thus ensuring the quality requirements of users' double-sided printing

cost of consumables

although the performance of original consumables is beyond doubt, the high price is the pain of printer users. If you buy fake products for cheap, it is a small matter that the printing effect is not good, and the trouble of destroying the printer is great. With the increasingly strict monitoring of general consumables in product production and material selection, its product stability and printing effect are not inferior to the original. In terms of price, there is a clear difference between general consumables and original consumables. At present, general consumables on the market are 30% - 70% cheaper than the corresponding original consumables, which has obvious benefits for users to save use costs

after sales service

printer consumables are consumables, and users will inevitably cause ink leakage of ink cartridges, analysis of Jinan assay mechanical testing machine, plugs and other failures due to improper operation in daily use. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support are essential for users. For example, Tianwei, a famous consumables manufacturer, has a relatively perfect after-sales service system. Network clinics and 800 free services have been opened in most parts of the country. Users can dial this number to inquire about the solutions to various problems in the use of consumables. In order to facilitate enterprise users and individual users in key sales areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang, Tianwei also provides door-to-door maintenance services in these areas. It is understood that this service has begun to be introduced to other cities, truly eliminating unnecessary worries of consumers

in general, when users want to buy printing consumables, they should personally experience the printing effect, service life and other indicators of various consumables under the same printing conditions. If they are inexperienced, they should at least comprehensively understand and compare the known performance indicators between different products, so as to find the most suitable products. With the more mature product technology of general consumables and the improvement of after-sales service, domestic well-known professional general consumables manufacturers such as Tianwei and gezhige have become our very good choice to some extent. Due to their high energy density, if you don't want to take a risk in 2019, the first choice of Tianwei and gezhige will become the most effective "touchstone" for you to identify consumables

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