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A moon cake with five layers of packaging visits the packaging status of six categories of goods

Zhejiang August 20 news to eat moon cakes, you must open five or six layers of exquisite packaging; Because with tea sets, the same tea is three times more expensive. In the future, similar phenomena of buying and returning pearls will no longer be allowed. Recently, the compulsory national standard of the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities has passed the examination and approval of the national standards review committee, and there will be laws to abide by for commodity packaging

the general principles puts forward the requirements of limiting and simplifying the packaging of six categories of commodities, such as beverages, wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food, tea, grain, etc., and specifically stipulates that the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging should not exceed 15% of the ex factory price of the commodity

this mandatory regulation has hit the head of the long-standing trend of luxury packaging in the market

recently, the key supervision of the general principles was first visited according to the packaging of six categories of goods with force value in the inspected range

wine: a bottle of brandy gives two watches

at the wine counter in a supermarket on Qingchun Road, the counters are filled with wine in various shapes and packages, which is simply dazzling. In the face, the waiter's first words are: do you want to buy wine as a gift or drink it yourself? If you give them away, you have to choose these well packaged ones to have a grade

recommended by the waiter, it is found that the appearance packaging of many high-end wines is really eye-catching, including wood and iron, and many of them have matching products in the boxes of wine and door and window components. For example, a bottle of 415 yuan brandy with two watches, a bottle of more than 300 yuan whisky with a mixing bottle and glass, etc

it is noted that a set of two bottles of Baijiu is also painstaking in the design of the bottle, which is inlaid with two glass dragons. How decent it is to give people a gift. After drinking the wine, the wine bottle can still be used as a decoration. The waiter said

moon cakes: a box of cakes packed in five layers

it is more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, but in major supermarkets in Hangzhou, all kinds of simple and fine packaged moon cakes have begun to appear

moon cakes such as moon Linglong, Mid Autumn Festival harmony and abalone supreme are not only beautiful in name, but also gorgeous in packaging. The packaging made of wood, iron and paper is dazzling

a 668 yuan moon cake of dragon presenting moon, the outermost layer is a flip cardboard box. Inside the gift box, the design is very exquisite, showing the trend of stars and the moon. In the middle is a large metal gift box, surrounded by seven small golden gift boxes inlaid on a special base paved with yellow velvet, forming a flower petal shape. Open it layer by layer and count it. From the outer box to the moon cake, the outer package of a moon cake has five layers

The gift box of

668 yuan is the most expensive moon cake found so far, and there is no tying phenomenon. This seems to be a lot better than the luxurious gift box moon cakes that reached 1000 yuan in previous years. The peak sales season of moon cakes has not yet arrived, and more expensive products may come out next month. The salesperson's words made him a little more worried about the low-key packaging of this year's moon cakes

health care products: large boxes cover small boxes, with an extra 50 yuan

in the health care products section of a supermarket on Jianguo North Road, the waiter said he would buy health care products for his parents. The waiter enthusiastically configured each experimental machine with its own instructions and recommended protein tablets to us. However, I found that the package of a protein chip product provided by the waiter was like a maze: there was a big box in the bag outside, and there were two small boxes in the big box. There were two small plastic bags in each small box, and the protein chip could be found in the bag

the price of packaging is also expensive. According to the label on the shelf, the price of a beautifully packaged vitamin tablet gift box is 128 yuan, containing 100 tablets; A box of vitamin tablets in simple packaging costs only 31 yuan, including 40 tablets. It can be calculated that if you also buy 100 vitamin tablets, the refined ones will cost 50.5 yuan more than the simple ones

tea: the price of matching tea sets rises

wine packaging is the same, and tea is no exception. At the tea monopoly counter of the underground store of a shopping mall on Yan'an Road, 200 grams of tea are respectively packed in two exquisite porcelain bottles, priced at 980 yuan. On the other hand, the price of tea with the same weight and quality is 1280 yuan because a set of tea set and leather bag are added to the package

the same situation also exists in a tea store on Tiyuchang road. Two cans of chrysanthemum tea are priced at 130 yuan with a set of tea sets and careful packaging, while the same can of tea in simple packaging is only 40 yuan. You can also choose ordinary products, and then choose another set of tea set. We will help you pack it, and the grade will be higher. This store also provides such packaging services

the implementation of recyclable packaging

the excessive packaging of goods has brought greater pressure to the already heavy load landfill. Xu, head of the environmental monitoring station of Hangzhou Tianziling waste landfill, said that according to their monitoring data, plastic products account for about 10% of the domestic waste transported here every day, paper accounts for about 13%, and the vast majority of plastic products and paper are packaging waste

among the household garbage transported here every day, there are always some items with good packaging, such as iron cans, wooden boxes and so on. In fact, these things can be recycled, but because they have been mixed with other garbage when they are sent to us, it is difficult to pick them up alone and can only be landfilled

stationmaster Xu said: packaging should still be controlled from the source. If recyclable packaging can be promoted, it will be of great benefit to the environment

supporting supervision measures should follow up

Mao Haitao, a member of the Hangzhou CPPCC, has always been concerned about the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods. He once submitted a proposal on preventing moon cakes from tying high-end goods and simplifying their packaging

he believes that excessive packaging is a distortion of goods. For example, the annual cost of moon cake packaging across the country has reached 2.5 billion yuan, which will ultimately be paid by consumers, led by intelligent manufacturing

excessive packaging is also not conducive to the construction of a harmonious society. On holidays, it is human nature to take gifts from relatives and friends, but the excessive packaging makes the price rise, which has become a burden for the working class, especially the difficult groups

in addition, this is also an indirect connivance to corruption. It has become a consensus not to buy and not to eat. As we all know, the main functions of many commodities such as moon cakes are not for eating, and sometimes alienation has become a carrier of corruption

in China in the transition period, heteronomy is sometimes more effective than self-discipline. Mao Haitao believes that the mandatory national standard of the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of goods is expected, but to really implement it, it may also need the follow-up of relevant supporting measures. After all, businesses are unwilling to give up the cake of luxury packaging for the sake of interests. For example, the quality supervision department should strengthen the supervision of enterprises, and the industrial and commercial department should strictly control the circulation field

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