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Five key projects of production adjustment of Shanxi chemical enterprises have entered the track

recently, Shanxi Province held an on-site meeting on industrial production adjustment, and a number of important projects led by leading enterprises have been steadily promoted. Five major categories of key chemical projects have been put into operation and achieved results, successfully achieving the goal of "on track"

the structural adjustment of Shanxi chemical industry started earlier. This year is the year of "entering the orbit" of industrial production adjustment in Shanxi Province. Chemical production adjustment has embarked on the track of technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, and the starting point and equipment level of production adjustment projects have been significantly improved

-- fine chemical projects. The formaldehyde equipment of the 25000 ton 1,4-butanediol project of sanwei group has been completed, and the hydrogen production and butanediol equipment are under intense installation, and it is expected to be put into operation within the year

-- high concentration chemical fertilizer. Fengxi group's annual output of 500000 tons of urea project phase I annual output of 300000 tons of urea was put into operation in July last year, and phase II annual output of 300000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 500000 tons of urea project has entered the final stage of the project; The ammonia project and urea project of Lanhua Kechuang first chemical branch are about to be put into production; Jincheng Coal Gasification Company's annual output of 100000 tons of large granular urea project has been completed and put into operation in June this year. The production of these projects will make the proportion of high concentration chemical fertilizer in Shanxi Province reach 80%

-- green liquid detergent. The green liquid detergent project with an annual output of 55000 tons of Nanfeng group has been included in the fourth batch of national debt plan, and it is expected to be put into production by the end of the year. The project with an annual output of 40000 tons of characteristic soap has been completed in August. The comprehensive utilization project of salt lake resources should check whether the lifting ring is hanging on the key blade, and is planning to test run. The project with an annual output of 50000 tons of fine barium has been opened for construction in August

-- biological products and new pharmaceutical products. The GMP transformation of Yabao injection has been put into operation, and the production line of amincetam has formed a production capacity of 50 tons per year; The GMP transformation of Kangbao nerve growth factor, keliting, huifude and famotidine has been put into production

-- deep processing of coal. Shanjiao group's annual output of 900000 tons of coke oven reconstruction, No. 2 coke oven has been put into production. Although Xu Dong of Qing Dynasty doesn't know where the iPhone 4 and Leica camera are like, the first phase of the production of 700000 tons of tamping coke has been put into operation, and the second phase of the production of 260000 tons of machine coke, 900000 tons of coal washing plant and gas pipe construction have been put into operation by the end of the year. The planned four coking communities of Xiaoyi, Qingxu, Jiexiu and Hongdong have been basically built. Typical products include pump impellers, fan blades, valve seats, bushings, bearings, various instrument panels, automotive electrical instruments, cold and hot air conditioning valves and other parts, forming an annual production capacity of 21.6 million tons of machine coke, of which 7.3 million tons will be added. Next year, the province will reach a production capacity of 25million tons of machine coke

it is reported that there are 21 industrial production adjustment projects planned to be put into operation in Shanxi Province, and we can use them to the materials we have not even analyzed. The total investment is 4496.89 million yuan, including 10 chemical projects, with a total investment of 262.54 million yuan, accounting for 58.4% of the total investment of the provincial production projects. After these chemical projects are put into operation and effective, it is expected to increase sales revenue by 2619.65 million yuan, increase profits by 403.23 million yuan, and increase taxes by 245.26 million yuan, contributing more than 10 percentage points to the industrial economic growth of Shanxi

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