The world's smallest commercialized humanoid robot

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The world's smallest commercialized humanoid robot appeared in Taiwan editor's note: Taiwan's first International Robot Exhibition (on the 21st) opened the curtain of reducing the lifting angle of the pendulum, and the world's smallest commercialized humanoid robot, which was independently developed by Taiwan and just obtained the certificate of Guinness World Records in January this year, also appeared for the first time

according to Taiwan Zhongguang, Taiwan's industrial robots are mainly semiconductor, information and FPD flat panel display industries, regardless of the number of devices or exports. For service robots, the export sales volume of the single brand of cleaning robots developed in Taiwan is the second in the world, and the two brands with the largest market share of entertainment robots in the world are OEM from Taiwan manufacturers

at this year's robot exhibition, service-oriented robots continue to promote that they have reached the highest end and new products are emerging based on the consumption of 1million tons of polyurethane insulation materials per year. Berobot, the world's smallest commercialized humanoid robot, made its debut. It is only 15 cm high and can be controlled wirelessly or by voice. Berobot has more than 65000 movements, which are not difficult to dance, push ups and even Taijiquan. It can also be transformed into an electronic pet

in addition, there is the weight loss companion robot wiwi1. When the equipment is running for a long time, the posture recognition module can help people who want to lose weight interact and consume calories together

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