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Salary and welfare: five key points for rewarding employees

no matter which reward method the boss adopts, in order to achieve the best effect, these practices must meet the following standards:

1, immediate. Don't wait for the year-end bonus to reward employees. When employees have good performance, they should be rewarded as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely the reward will be discounted

2. Clear. Vague compliments such as "you did a good job!" It is of little significance to employees. Supervisors should clearly point out what works well and what is good for employees, and let them know that the company hopes that they can repeat good performance

3. Let employees fully understand. The supervisor must work reliably and let all employees know clearly in advance. What reward will be offered? What are the evaluation criteria? For example, don't tell employees, "if you have to speed up car lightweight, you will get money if the company does well this year." Explain what the company is doing well, what percentage of the company's operating revenue will become the employee bonus, how these numbers are determined by the operator's sample login, and when the employee can get the bonus. Clearly formulating the rules of the game can encourage employees to work hard in a targeted and step-by-step manner

4. Tailored to the needs of individual employees. The rewards provided by the company must be meaningful to employees, otherwise the effect is not great. For your reference: every employee can be motivated in different ways. The company should imitate the practice of buffet and provide multiple rewards for employees to choose. For example, for professional women with older mothers and children, giving them the reward of working at home for a day is more attractive than a big pay rise

5. It is consistent with the usual practice of the company. A husband who usually treats his wife badly, even if he gives her a bunch of flowers on Valentine's day, the effect will not be great, and he will even be regarded by his wife as just compensation for his guilt. Similarly, for a company that usually treats its employees badly, the year-end bonus will not make employees suddenly make a big difference to the company. (end)

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