Five leading talents of Taishan industry in Yantai

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Yantai five Taishan industrial leading talents received ten million reward amount Shandong first

Yantai five Taishan industrial leading talents received ten million reward amount Shandong first

June 12, 2017

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learned from Yantai Development Zone that Shandong Province should observe the operation of machinery in 2016. The Taishan industrial leading talent project strategic emerging industry innovation technology project has been issued recently, From the Development Zone, sun Jiakuan of Yantai Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Liang Qibin of Rongchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ma Qianli of Taihe New Materials Group Co., Ltd., Xu Xingyi of Zhenghai magnetic materials Co., Ltd. and Wu Chengtie of Zhenghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. five Taishan industry leaders monopolized the city's quota, and received 2million yuan of project funding support, a total of 10million yuan, ranking first in the province, It accounts for about 1/5 of the whole province

it is reported that among the experts selected in this batch, sun Jiakuan, an overseas distinguished expert of Taishan scholar in Shandong Province, deputy director of the national polyurethane Engineering Technology Research Center, and an expert in the field of waterborne coatings and adhesives, has presided over the R & D of more than 100 new products of Wanhua Group; Liang Qibin, chief operating officer of Rongchang pharmaceutical operation center, has long been engaged in biomedical research and development, fine-grained 500000 subdivision code, process amplification research, cGMP plant design, construction and production management, and has mastered the most cutting-edge and core technology of 12.0 Biopharmaceutics, such as perfusion culture of CHO cells, flow plus culture and ADC drug coupling process. Ma Qianli, the expert of the overall expert group of major projects in the field of new material technology in the 12th Five Year "863" plan, and the deputy director of the national aramid Engineering Technology Research Center, broke through the para aramid technology, achieved localization, and built the largest experimental machine in China. The working principle of the single chip microcomputer driving chip L298N. The square wave signal with continuously adjustable output frequency and duty cycle acts on both ends of the DC electromechanical system and the fourth para aramid production line in the world. Xu Xingyi, an expert of the national "Thousand Talents Program" and an internationally renowned expert in power electronics and motor control, has been responsible for the research and development of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicle drive systems for a long time, and has won the highest award for Ford Motor technology achievement. Wu Chengtie, an expert in the "one thousand young people program" of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the 100 person program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has published more than 150 SCI papers in the field of biomaterials and was selected into the 2015 list of Chinese scholars with high impact factors (No. 3 in Biomedical Engineering)

the Taishan industrial leading talent project is a major talent project implemented by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, which focuses on supporting various enterprises, parks and industrial bases to introduce and cultivate leading talent teams engaged in industrial technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and key industrial skills

up to now, the development zone has introduced or cultivated 41 experts in the national "thousand talents plan", 6 experts in the "ten thousand talents plan", 37 "Taishan Scholars" and "Taishan industry leading talents" in Shandong Province, 35 people in the "double hundred plan" in Yantai City, 11 scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship teams independently reviewed by the Development Zone, and 33 scientific and technological leading talents

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