Five key points for the future development of the

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Five key points for the future development of the publishing industry

it is easy to publish a Book of good quality but losing money, but it is very difficult to publish a work of high quality and making money. Nevertheless, Carolyn lydy, President and CEO of Simon Schuster publishing, firmly believes that books will never die out. To this end, she proposed five keys for the future publishing industry

for many people, Carolyn Leddy, President and CEO of Simon Schuster publishing company, may shine the spark of their dreams and bring them career inspiration; For others, this can be said to be a glimpse of the book world, making them aware of how their power will affect the way humans think

in recent years, the debate on the publishing industry has been chattering, and various views are difficult to be trusted. As students and publishing professionals who are new to the industry and will have more factories in the future, we will devote ourselves to conveying this reason this summer. In order to meet the notice requirements of the State Council, it is too early to publicize that books will die out. It's one thing to stick to such a hope alone, but it's undoubtedly more persuasive to hear Leddy, one of the authoritative women in the industry, make the same judgment. Leddy believes that books never die

in recent years, the world's book publishing industry has changed significantly. According to a survey cited by Laidi, the rise and popularity of high-tech products such as tablet computers and intelligence have improved people's cultural level. In addition, she believes that people are spending more and more time on digital products, which is a good omen and a good opportunity. Publishers' use of digital means to attract readers has become a well-known strategy

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Leddy is convinced that content is always more important than form. When it comes to e-books, she said that publishers are trying to convince readers that reading is not only a culture related behavior, but also a behavior worth investing time. A strong network and media attention is the key to cultivating a cultural environment. Readers will still buy books, Leddy said, as long as people talk about books

publishing depends on the relationship between authors and publishers. Leddy also stressed that finding a balance between culture and business is the key to success. She attaches great importance to and respects the author and his comments, and always puts the author's opinions in the first place. It is easy to publish a Book of good quality but losing money, she said, but it is very difficult to publish a work of high quality and making money

Leddy proposed five keys for the future of publishing industry. First of all, she talked about the importance of the international market and clarified that digitalization has become a form of publication across national boundaries; Secondly, she stressed that thanks to data analysis, publishers can directly establish relations with customers, and digitalization can effectively feed back readers' needs to publishers. In the past, feedback can only be an inefficient guessing game. Lady believes that relying on sales data, publishers can take more effective measures

the third key point is to expand content channels. Although many Self Publishing authors have the ability to make their works widely disseminated and influential; But building a good channel can significantly improve the popularity of these authors. Similarly, publishers are more likely to find good works

the fourth key is that the book layout, publishing cycle, function and so on have more flexibility, which makes it easier for readers to obtain books, and the audience will be more and more. In other words, e-books do not need to consider binding, nor are they limited by transportation costs; Similarly, there is no traditional printing process for the output of e-books, which can ensure continuous supply

the fifth and last key is discoverability, which greatly benefits from search engine optimization and metadata. Previously, readers had to go to physical bookstores to pick up and buy books; Now, retailers can target the target audience according to readers' interests and needs. Coupled with search engines, the process of finding books is more transparent and challenging

Leddy believes that the work of publishers is likely to change with technological innovation, but the basic functions will not be shaken by the decline in profits of Chinese paper enterprises in 2018. The role of publishers is to check the quality. Their task is to evaluate the quality of writing, decide whether it is of high quality, and finally transmit the author's voice and thoughts to the hearts of readers unfiltered

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