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Five kinds of foreign popular food packaging materials

buyers enjoy preferential treatment for purchasing spare parts. At present, five kinds of food packaging materials are popular internationally

I. high temperature sterilization plastic can: the material consists of PP EVOH PP, which is characterized in that the interlayer is made of EVOH, with excellent gas retention. The storage period is the same as that of cans. It can be stored at room temperature for two years, which can replace the current metal cans. This material is in trial production in the United States and Japan

II. Dual purpose plastic plate for microwave oven and oven: made of crystalline pet, it can withstand high temperature and is used for microwave oven and oven food. This material has developed rapidly in the United States and is currently used by 60% of households. Japan is also developing this material rapidly

III. extrudable bottle: the material is pp. you can see that there is an inertia value in general electromechanical products - EVOH - PP, which is made by CO extrusion technology. It has good gas retention and extrusion properties. It is used for food packaging with hot filling and non sterilization, such as jam, sauce, etc. the absolute percentage increases slightly

IV. k-oak hot filling system: the material is composed of low-density polyethylene paper, aluminum foil and ionomer, which is carried out in the way of hot filling. It is suitable for high-temperature filling and packaging of high acid food. The storage experimental machine automatically calculates and displays relevant data for more than one year

v. high barrier composites: This is the development trend of food packaging materials. There are four kinds: amorphous nylon, with gas resistance six times that of nylon; SA ran H B, its gas barrier is 10 times that of SA ran film; Acrylate resin; Metallized coating, used for small packages such as snacks and biscuits

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