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The five laws for packaging enterprises to increase sales can save lives if they understand them

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core tip: everyone knows the importance of marketing for flexible packaging enterprises. Here are five marketing laws summarized by marketing experts. I believe there will be a lot of inspiration for packaging enterprises

[China Packaging News] everyone knows the importance of marketing to flexible packaging enterprises. Here are five marketing laws summarized by marketing experts. I believe there will be a lot of inspiration for packaging enterprises

law 1: sales growth does not necessarily change fate. The primary responsibility of the marketing boss is to find a growth mode that changes his fate

the sales volume of a packaging enterprise has increased from 100 million yuan five years ago to 300 million yuan now. Is this enterprise closer to death or farther away. The answer is closer. In other words, the growth of sales has not changed the fate of enterprise death

many years ago and the speed control was not accurate. For a dairy enterprise with a sales volume of only 50million yuan, the boss wrote 700million yuan, 2billion yuan, 5billion yuan and 10billion yuan continuously on the blackboard when holding the executive meeting. This enterprise is Mengniu. Because Niu Gensheng knew that only by quickly reaching the sales scale of 10billion yuan can he get the opportunity to integrate the industry and change his fate

when enterprises are pushing forward the development speed according to their own scale, their fate will not change. When Mengniu reverses the development speed according to the development law of the industry, its fate will naturally change

the development of most flexible packaging enterprises is gradual, which may be understandable. Only when Medtronic sees the sales growth of the enterprise, the person in charge of the enterprise needs to make a rational and correct judgment and think about what the increment comes from? Is it beneficial to the development of the enterprise in the long run

law 2: the change of the enterprise's fate stems from the change of the enterprise's position in the industry. The sales growth without changing the industry position is worthless

a packaging factory has lost its product image and market. Which is more valuable to achieve sales of 10million yuan in a province or 1million yuan in a county? It may be more valuable to achieve sales of 1million yuan in a county. Because this means that this flexible packaging enterprise may dominate the county market and be the leader of the county. However, there may be many enterprises with sales of 10million yuan in a province, and they do not have the ability to dominate the provincial market

law 3: in the process of industrial concentration, more than 90% of enterprises are bound to die, and the marketing boss must find a way for enterprises to survive

the saturation of the packaging industry is still very high, and the law of the market is generally that less than 10% of enterprises have survived in industries that have achieved centralized processing of V-shaped gap and U-shaped gap (2mm) that can meet the national standard gb/t229 ⑵ 010 "Essentials of Charpy gap impact experiment on metal materials". Therefore, the development process of an industry may be the death process of 90%, even 99% or 99.9% of enterprises. Only a few industries may be exceptional (such as catering)

in the process of centralization of the packaging industry, enterprises have only three ways: first, become the industry leader and integrate other enterprises. Second, achieve a certain scale and sell enterprises to leading enterprises. Third, natural death

law 4: the secret for weak enterprises to overcome strong enterprises is to find the strategic turning point of the industry, so that the scale advantage of strong enterprises becomes a burden of scale

here is a case from other industries. Packaging enterprises can learn from it: when TCL entered the color TV industry, TCL did not have any advantages. However, TCL's entry point was precisely the latest large screen color TV at that time. TCL gives consumers the impression that other color TV enterprises are the leader of ordinary color TV sets, while TCL is the leader of large screen color TV sets. It is precisely because TCL has found a strategic turning point in the color TV industry that it can catch up from behind. Because only the strategic turning point can turn the scale advantage of a strong enterprise into a scale burden

every industry must have a strategic turning point every once in a while, and flexible packaging enterprises are no exception. Facing the current situation of overcapacity in the industry, the opportunity for vulnerable enterprises to change their fate lies in the strategic turning point. Otherwise, we have to wait patiently for strong enterprises to make mistakes. Therefore, finding this strategic turning point and grasping it well is an important direction for small and medium-sized packaging plants to break through

law 5: marketing is a harmful profession. The life cycle of a marketing model is only 3-4 years. Therefore, the life cycle of a marketing boss in an enterprise is usually only 3-4 years, unless you change completely within three years

China's economy is a catch-up economy, which is characterized by leapfrog development. Therefore, the Chinese market changes qualitatively every 3-4 years. The environment has changed, everything has to change. Previous successful marketing models may fail in the new environment. Therefore, if flexible packaging enterprises do not take the initiative to adjust themselves every 3-4 years, they will be forced to adjust under the pressure of the market

what do you think is the survival way of vulnerable packaging plants under the great challenge? I believe that packaging enterprises have some ideas

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