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Northeast China will build five major equipment manufacturing bases

the revitalization plan for Northeast China issued by the State Council on the 20th said that northeast China will vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing industry, and build northeast China into an internationally competitive manufacturing base for heavy machinery and large complete sets of equipment, an internationally advanced research and development and production base for numerical control machine tools and tools, and a national research and development and manufacturing base for power generation and transmission and transformation equipment, It is an important manufacturing and export base of complete vehicles and parts in China, a ship manufacturing base with international advanced level, and a national rail transit equipment manufacturing base

the plan defines the key areas for the revitalization of the future equipment manufacturing industry. Including CNC machine tools -- high-speed CNC lathes, CNC milling and boring machines, high-speed vertical machining centers, gantry pentahedral machining centers, multi axis machining centers, turning and milling centers, flexible automatic lines, flexible manufacturing systems, intelligent manufacturing systems and other integrated products

large oil refining and ethylene complete sets of equipment - 10million ton oil refining units and supporting equipment, 1million ton ethylene, PX, PTA, PVC, polyester complete sets of equipment. Large coal chemical complete equipment -- large centrifugal compressor, 1250kn compressor for coal liquefaction project. Large metallurgical equipment -- a new generation of short process large sheet continuous casting and rolling complete equipment, large sintering complete equipment

large power generation equipment -- large hydropower units, large efficient and low pollution coal-fired power units, million kilowatt nuclear power units, heavy gas turbines, integrated coal gasification (Market Forum) gas steam combined cycle units, large power generation equipment castings and forgings, complete sets of auxiliary equipment of power stations, large air cooling units and large wind turbines

ultra high voltage transmission and transformation (red) equipment -- complete sets of 500 kV AC and 750 kV AC transmission and transformation equipment, and accelerate the development of 1000 kV AC and ± 800 kV DC transmission and transformation equipment

other large mechanical complete sets -- full face roadheader, large cement complete sets, port loading and unloading equipment, large lifting equipment, centrifugal compressor unit and refrigeration equipment, efficient speed regulation and large flow oil pipeline pump, large high temperature and high pressure vessel and heat exchanger, reciprocating compressor

large ship equipment - 300000 ton crude oil transportation ship, fixture of large electronic universal experimental machine are also very important components, as well as super large container ships, special vehicle ro ro ships, new passenger ro ro ships, bulk carriers and ore carriers that far exceed 81% of the market expectations in Asia and 87% of China, chemical ships with stainless steel tanks and marine supporting equipment, large offshore oil engineering equipment, offshore floating production and storage ships, etc. Rail transit equipment -- shibasf also has its own unique understanding of the core technology of high-speed trains with a speed of 200 kilometers and above, high-power AC drive electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, and new metro vehicles

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