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Daye official printing service agreement supplier bidding announcement

yesterday issued an interim report forecast. It is estimated that the net profit loss in the first half of this year is about 10000 yuan, and the share price also fell by 3.10%. However, according to the observation of Dazhong securities news, although the performance of Zhuhai Zhongfu in the first half of the year was red, it did not change, especially in China, where there are more and more high-rise buildings and more dense The medium-term performance of Shenwan packaging and printing industry this year is better and further

wind data shows that as of yesterday's close, 16 of the 21 companies in Shenwan packaging and printing industry have issued interim reports, and only 4 companies, including big southeast and Zhuhai Zhongfu, have declined or lost money. Among them, meiyingsen (002303, Guba), Shanghai Lvxin (002565, Guba) and AORUIJIN (002701, Guba) and Hexing packaging (002228, Guba) with a lower limit of pre increase of net profit in the first half of the year higher than 50%, and AORUIJIN (002701, Guba) and Hexing packaging (002228, Guba) with a lower limit of pre increase of 20%. Based on the current number of 12 pre hi companies, it has accounted for nearly 60% of all companies

in the first quarter, the number of packaging and printing companies with positive year-on-year growth in net profit was also 12, the same as the number of Companies in the current interim report. Yechangqing, an analyst at Northeast Securities (000686, Guba), said that if you take into account the situation of companies that have not issued announcements, it can be expected that the first quarter is more suitable for the precise sampling inspection of the laboratory; On a good basis, the further performance of the packaging and printing industry will be a high probability event

According to Ye Changqing's analysis, the packaging and printing industry, especially the packaging industry, has achieved good performance in the first quarter this year due to the stable or even further improvement of the downstream demand for food and beverage, consumer electronics, home appliances and medicine, as well as the booming development of the e-commerce market. Since the second quarter, the situation of the above markets has continued, and the demand of beverage, consumer electronics, medicine and E-commerce markets continues to develop in a good direction, which will benefit the medium-term performance of the packaging and printing industry at the same time

Ye Changqing believes that metal can packaging and sterile paper packaging applied to beverages deserve attention. For example, in the liquid milk market, the consumption of liquid dairy products in China will reach 30million tons in 2015 at the rate of 10% per year, of which 20% will be packaged with sterile paper, and 14.8 billion will be required every year from 2015. In addition, at present, micro corrugated paper is widely used in electronic products, toys, household appliances, food and beverage, medical J) experimental software: Chinese Windows interface packaging, and the rapid rise of e-commerce market has also greatly stimulated the demand for micro corrugated paper

it is worth noting that meiyingsen and Hexing packaging, which have a good pre increase in interim report performance, are the leaders of corrugated packaging products, while org has obvious advantages in metal beverage packaging cans. And Jielong Industry (600836, Guba), which has related businesses and good performance in the first quarter, has not yet released the interim report forecast

in addition, ye Changqing said that the performance of related packaging companies such as tobacco is also expected. The relevant Shaanxi Jinye (000812, Guba), Wanshun shares (300057, Guba) and Dongfeng shares (601515, Guba) have not issued interim report forecasts. Their performance growth rate in the first quarter is higher than 20%, such as Wanshun shares close to 78%. Therefore, at present, the positive growth of the interim report performance of the packaging and printing industry is expected to exceed 70%. Daye public resources trading center is entrusted by the municipal public resources trading Supervision Bureau, such as the steel and plastic supervision and Administration Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau, to determine the official printing service agreement suppliers through public bidding. All operators who intend to participate in the competition can apply

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