There are many opportunities for recycling the hot

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Prices in some parts of the pig iron market fell again

there are many opportunities for packaging recycling and reuse

according to the national development and Reform Commission, from 1987 to 2001, China's environmental protection projects used loans from the world bank, ADB and the Japanese government for up to $5.55 billion, with 45 projects. Among them, the world bank accounts for 49.7%, the Asian Development Bank accounts for 23.9%, and the Japanese loan accounts for 26.4%, with an upward trend year by year. However, it is noteworthy that most of these environmental protection investment projects are water quality treatment and air cleaning projects, and none of them really belong to packaging environmental protection projects (such as packaging waste recycling, waste plastic recycling, etc.)

relevant authorities pointed out that the preferential loans of international financial organizations have three characteristics:

first, more and more rotatable knurled nuts pay attention to investment and environmental protection. In order to highlight their responsibility for the whole 1. Regularly checking whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, they have adjusted their respective loan policies. For example, the world bank has set up the post of vice president of development projects specifically responsible for sustainable environmental protection; ADB has formulated a medium-term development strategy, taking strengthening natural resources and ecological management as one of its strategic objectives. One of their goals is to specially lend loans to environmental protection projects that general traditional commercial banks are unwilling to accept, with the focus on pollution control and governance

second, the loan cycle is long, the interest rate is low, and the loan term is generally 10-50 years, with a grace period of 5-10 years. According to the degree of preference, it is divided into two categories: one is soft loans, which do not charge interest and only charge a handling fee of less than 0.75%, but can only be lent to countries with a per capita GNP of less than $450; The other is hard loans, with interest rates lower than those in the international market

third, the project management system is standardized and advanced. International financial organizations represented by the world bank and Asian bank have a complete set of project analysis legislation and management procedures. Through the implementation of the project, the project units can be guided to learn international advanced management experience and market access mechanism, and speed up the integration of products with the international market

people of insight pointed out that at present, China's packaging industry has introduced many international financial capital construction, but basically, once the fuel is used up, the materials that will decompose by themselves are all introduced funds for the production of packaging products, while few are used in the field of packaging waste recycling and regeneration. The corresponding large output countries are easy to find "raw materials" because of the large amount of waste emissions. If the production scale is formed under the scientific guidance, it is easier to get the favor of international financial capital. However, experts remind people in the packaging industry to pay attention to: the selection of projects must be well controlled. They must go through full market research to select projects that can produce products under the incubation of today's industrial level technology, and have two major functions of resource recovery and environmental protection. Such a thing will definitely not be done in vain

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