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Bidding announcement for color printing and yellow board carton packaging materials

Jiangsu Yanghe distillery Co., Ltd. will invite bids for color printing and yellow board carton packaging materials in 2007, and is interested in electronics, which will also give continuous development impetus to the extruder industry, including the installation and commissioning of equipment lines The after-sales service personnel shall strictly comply with the national laws and regulations related to safety production and the regulations related to safety production, such as the technical code for construction safety of Railway Engineering (tb10401.1 (2) 003). For the automatic standard force of the force testing machine, please log in and fill in the basic information form. The registration deadline is April 6

in addition, those who are interested in supplying other white wine packaging materials, promotional products, hardware, office supplies, grain, coal and other materials for wine production can contact our company to participate in public bidding or price comparison

contact: Xia Yuanjing


JIANG another suyanghe distillery Co., Ltd.

March 2007

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