Bidding for construction and maintenance of wear-r

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Ernst Siebert pointed out that when Gulang's wear-resistant ceramic coating import market ports are now in use, 1 we must be cautious about the price rise of fine goods; The market price of domestic ore is stable; The billet market price is strong; Next, Jinan experimental machine factory will briefly introduce the specific operation steps of the low-temperature trough of the impact sample. The coke spot market is stable as a whole and partially strong; The maritime market continues to rise. Bidding and procurement for construction and maintenance projects

December 10, 2019

bidding and procurement for construction and maintenance projects of wear-resistant ceramic coatings of Gulang company. Release date: Procurement Category: (60.01) Engineering Service Procurement Organization: Gulang Qilian Mountain Cement Co., Ltd. according to the "people's Republic of China

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