Coal ash polyurethane composites developed in the

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The United States developed coal ash polyurethane composites

researchers in the United States developed lightweight Pu composites using waste coal ash

according to the composite Center Research Institute of North Carolina Agricultural Technology State University, this material can be stored underground for decades without damaging the environment. Kunigal shivakumar, director of the research center, said that if it is taken out and ground into powder again, it can also be used for manufacturing. According to the surveillance video of more than 40 excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects and teams from all over the country, he said: "coal ash is not waste. If handled properly, it is a valuable resource"

the mixed materials can be molded into exterior trim panels, covers and interior molds. He added: "if you want to store it for a long time, the mechanical properties of ABS can be greatly affected by temperature and injected into large blocks."

Project Assistant Research Professor Wade Brown holds some patents for this Pu processing process under his name. He said: coal ash can be used as raw material for new materials, but it can still remain chemically inert after mixing with polyurethane

he added: "this is the function of urethane, and coal ash is only its existing form."

the state government of North Carolina provided the university with a total of US $400000 for two years to study the "beneficial reuse" of coal ash. In 2014, about 39000 tons of coal ash was dumped into the Dan river near North Cayton

shivakumar said that the key to this innovation is that no additional heat energy is required in the production process, and any type of coal ash from coal-fired plants can be directly processed. The process of eliminating heat energy reduces production costs and improves the environment. "This is a clean technology," he said

this material contains 75% coal ash, which may be increased to 80%

shivakum wastes too much ar said that the research team had put this material in the test basin for several weeks and found that it neither dissolved in water nor absorbed water

the research team is making active efforts to use this material to develop products with commercial value

according to the survey report on the production and utilization of coal combustion products under the American coal ash Association, the United States produced 130 million tons of coal ash waste in 2014

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