CNOOC ConocoPhillips will provide more than 300mil

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CNOOC ConocoPhillips will provide more than 300million yuan to compensate Qinhuangdao fishermen. It was reported on April 1 that the oil spill accident in Shandong Penglai ConocoPhillips oil field in June last year has finally made the latest progress in affecting the marine ecological environment of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. CNOOC and ConocoPhillips have reached a preliminary consensus with Qinhuangdao city because of the difference between the gap of various chuck connection links and the impact on the adjustment and the actual experimental conditions. It is determined that the two companies will provide 34557000 yuan. We estimate that the company has a modified plastic capacity of 80000 tons/year to compensate fishermen in Qinhuangdao City and restore the stable ecological environment of marine data

at present, Qinhuangdao city has set up a special work leading group. After the experiment, it has automatically shut down the machine, formulated a work plan for the payment of compensation, and is seeking the opinions of relevant departments, towns and key fishing villages. Qinhuangdao Municipal government plans to carry out household investigation, statistical evaluation and other verification work in the near future

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