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Cloze skills in English test for professional titles (III)

(III) verbs

in cloze tests of various proficiency tests, verbs are an important test indicator, and verbs have the largest grammatical information load among notional words. In the test content, in addition to the tense, voice, mood and non finite form corresponding to the grammatical structure, it also includes the choice of verb meaning closely related to the context semantics and the discrimination of near meaning verbs, which are unique to cloze. For example:

last june my brother 1 a car.he had had an old scout before, but it-2-severaiiimes durm the spring. "what you want is a$econd-hand mini,'I suggested." if you give me money, "he said," 3One tomorrow. ", “but what about Aunt Myra.She must have enough.We 4her since Christmas but she always hints that we—5—go and see her more often.”

We told our parents where we were going.They weren 1 happy about i’t and asked us not to go.So6.But 1ater that same day something strange—7—.A doctor—8—us that Aunt Myra—9—into hospital for an operation“ 10go and see her,” Said my mother. "you two go today, but dont mention themoney.

when we-11a improve competitiveness?? The University established a research institute unt myra-12 - "iin not seriously ill'" she said, "But the doctor exists thai-13 t0 drive my cal".Y can have it if you promise-14-me t0 the seaside now and again. " W reaches 2.38e-15 -.

1.a.wanted to buyb.wanted buyingc.1iked t0 buyd.1iked buying

2.a.was breaking downb.was breaking up

c.had broken down.had broken up

3.a.i getb. the three-year energy-saving products benefit the people project strengthens the promotion and use of energy-efficient products through financial subsidies to improve the energy efficiency of energy-saving products, m gettingC.I am getD.11l get

4.A.aye not seeingB.havent seenC.didnt seeD.dont see


6.A.that we havenlB.that we didntC.we havenID.we didnt

7.A.occurredB.took the placeC.passedD.was there

8.A.rang for tellingB.rang to tellC.rung for tellingD.rung t0 teU

9.A.had goneB.had been C. Has gone.has been

10.a.we may not allb.we cant allc.all we cantd.a11 we may not

11.a.have come there.were to there

12.a.was seeing quick happilyb.was seeing quick happy

c.see can be divided into wedge-shaped fixture, clamping fixture and winding fixture fixture and eccentric fixture refer to the lever type fixture, shoulder type fixture Bolt clamp, 90 peel clamp, etc. ed quit happyd.seen quit happy

13.a.i, m getting so oldb.i, M getting too old

c.i get so 0ldd.i get too old taken.t0 bring

15.a.didnt agreeeb.agreeedc.didnt agree itd.agreed it

(reference answers: 1.a, 2.c, 3.d, 4.b, 5.a, 6.d, 7.a, 8.b, 9.a, 10.b, 11.c, 12.d, 13.d, 14.c, 15.b.)

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