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Baidibao plate, together with dealers, broke through the siege in the sluggish environment in 2018, and the development situation is still satisfactory

now there are many brands in the home building materials market. Choosing the right and reliable brand can get twice the result with half the effort

baidibao, a powerful brand with both internal and external repair, is one of the top ten Chinese plate brands. With high-quality products and years of accumulated good reputation, it has worked with dealers to break through the siege in the sluggish environment in 2018, and the development situation is still gratifying

in 2019, a good choice for China to join the board industry - baidibao health board brand

baidibao health board external repair brand value

up to now, baidibao board series products have been deeply trusted by customers, national chain stores have been stationed in more than 30 provinces, cities, counties and cities across the country, won the honor of "China's top ten board brands" for three consecutive years, and the industry influence has increased rapidly. The reason why baidibao board can develop so rapidly is that all employees of baidibao don't forget the original intention of persistence, tireless exploration, and the new determination to create high-quality boards for consumers

internal repair product quality of baidibao health plate

there are many dazzling products on the market, but good quality is always the hard truth of development. All kinds of products under baidibao brand adhere to quality and environmental protection. By selecting high-quality raw materials and constantly improving their production technology, a complete ecological industrial chain has been formed from raw materials, equipment, manufacturing process, production line, factory delivery, etc., so as to ensure the high quality of products with environmental protection, health and superior performance

enterprises and dealers complement each other, just like fish and water

baidibao brand not only has complete industrial chain, rich advertising, mature operation mode, advanced R & D system, standardized training process and excellent brand reputation, but also has favorable benefits to dealers: opening decoration support, store design guidance A certain amount of opening decoration subsidies and appropriate support for opening materials, samples, publicity, etc. Baidibao brand is a good choice for Chinese plate brands to join in from the perspective of dealers and strive to avoid the worries of dealers


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