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The first national ecological wall material in 2015 was hosted by the ecological building materials branch of China Building Materials Federation The diatom mud coating process skills competition came to a successful conclusion. In this event, Sanyou was invited to participate and won the contribution award in the event

China Interior Decoration Association, China Environmental Art Design Institute, design and Research Institute of light boat Decoration Group, top-level chief designer, diatom mud painting master, and training center of China Building Materials Federation are specially invited as the judges of the competition

diatom mud, as a new environmental protection functional wall facing building material, is increasingly accepted by consumers, and the industry is developing rapidly. The reason why it is sought after and loved by consumers is that on the one hand, it has ecological environmental protection and environmental functionality, which can effectively control indoor environmental pollution and play a preventive role; On the other hand, the interior wall decoration effect has strong texture and aesthetics. The concave convex texture, gentle and smooth hand feel and warm and soft colors add an elegant, warm and harmonious atmosphere to the entire interior environment

Sanyou diatom mud has become the first brand to successfully develop diatom powder with its strong R & D strength. Diatom mud is mainly used in interior wall finishes of high-end residences, villas, clubs and hotels, and is widely favored by high-end designers and consumers. The price of diatom mud is higher than that of diatom powder. With the successful development of Sanyou diatom powder, a more affordable product has emerged. Compared with diatom mud, diatom powder is convenient for construction, with low cost per square meter, which is more suitable for ordinary consumers to choose. In addition, diatom powder can also be mixed with colors according to needs

"three excellence" pays more attention to construction while ensuring product quality. In terms of the obligations and responsibilities to promote the improvement of the technical level and quality of construction personnel in the industry, Sanyou diatom mud will spare no effort to give full play to the influence of leading brands. The green shield construction training plan will continue to provide professional construction training support for agents in accordance with the training purpose of high standards and strict requirements, and make continuous efforts to transport more high-level and high-quality diatom mud construction personnel to the industry

facing the era of coexistence of risks and opportunities, enterprises in the diatom mud industry should cooperate and win-win, develop hand in hand, and make the whole industry grow. "Three excellence" will contribute to the benign development of diatom mud industry together with other enterprises

"three excellent diatom ecological wall material pioneer" is the core positioning of the "three excellent" diatom ecological wall material brand. The benign development of the industry is endless, and we are forever pioneers. The only unchanging rule of the market is "change", which is the driving force for the "three excellence" to be a pioneer forever. On the basis of inheriting ecological quality and inheriting ecological culture, we should explore and innovate, be a pioneer in the industry, and become a real pioneer in the construction of indoor space ecological environment in China

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