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On the morning of the 29th, Fan Bingbing fulfilled his promise of "I'll announce the relationship when you get married" with Huang Xiaoming. On the second day after Huang jiaozhu and angelababy got their licenses, they announced their relationship on Weibo with their boyfriend Li Chen. Subsequently, the media revealed that the two would start preparing for the wedding after that, and even the sponsors had been negotiated. Fan Bingbing also secretly revealed to her best friend that she planned to transform behind the scenes and have a child for Li Chen

Li Chen, Fan Bingbing (data figure)

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are ready to get married, and there are also early signs. In January this year, photos of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen in Yantai Laishan airport were circulated on the Internet, and they were suspected to see their parents. A few days later, some netizens showed a group photo of Fan Bingbing, Li Chen and Li Chen's grandmother

earlier, netizens who made model villas in the suburbs of Beijing revealed that they had seen Fan Bingbing and Li Chen see houses and buy villas many times. The first time I came alone, and the next few times I brought my families from both sides. Another netizen who does villa decoration design also said that he once received a business to decorate Fan Bingbing's big villa. However, whether this villa is going to be a wedding house is still uncertain

according to Taiwan's "China Times", Fan Bingbing, who recently appeared in Taiwan to attend business activities, officially admitted his love affair with Li Chen on the 29th, causing heated discussion. When she was preparing to leave Taiwan on the 29th, the media were waiting at the airport, but she did not say a word to the media except smiling from getting off the bus to entering the hall

it is reported that Fan Bingbing and Li Chenzheng have asked relevant personnel to apply for border protection permits in Tibet. Depending on the situation, they are going to Tibet for their "honeymoon"! The reporter's friend also happened to be in Tibet to apply for the border defense certificate. When waiting in line, he saw someone in front of him taking out the identity certificates of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen to apply for their border defense certificates





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