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How can we better find a suitable family wallpaper? In this regard, Xiaobian visited several major home shopping malls and found that although wallpaper has a high popularity in modern home decoration, not many citizens like Ms. Lin buy wallpaper specifically for decoration effect. During the visit, Mr. Geng, an insider specializing in wallpaper sales, said that residents' awareness of purchasing wallpaper for decoration needs to be further improved, but this will be a decoration trend in the future

citizens pay less attention to the decorative effect of wallpaper

during a recent visit, Xiaobian found that as a kind of decoration category, although the threshold for selling wallpaper is very low, the merchants who sell this part of decoration materials are even less than those who sell other materials. According to incomplete statistics, in the urban area, there are less than 20 stores selling wallpaper. Except for 7 Red Star Macalline malls and 5 Jiaxin building materials City, the rest sell wallpaper in the form of scattered community stores or street stores, “ The cost of acting as an agent for a wallpaper is not very high. There is a store, hang a few samples, and then you can open& rdquo; The staff of a fabric store located in the Red Star Macalline shopping mall told Xiaobian that in the current decoration, wallpaper is more used as a decorative material, and its various pattern choices make it impossible for dealers to display all of them with visible effects, and most of them are still in the form of picture books for consumers to watch and choose when shopping

during the two-day visit, Xiaobian randomly interviewed citizens who bought decoration products in Jiahao building materials city. Among the citizens interviewed, only 30% said they were willing to use wallpaper as a beautifying effect for decoration, while most citizens felt that using wallpaper was a waste. Mr. Zhou, who was buying ceramic tiles, said, “ It's OK to paint the wall with white cement for home decoration, and there's no need to use wallpaper. Moreover, the cost of decorating the whole house is not low. It's useless except for its beauty, so it's not considered

purchase guide: the environmental protection performance of wallpaper is very important

under the trend of increasingly strict living requirements, decoration wallpaper, as a symbol of high-end home furnishings, is gradually favored by high-end families with high consumption requirements. Now there are many kinds of decoration wallpaper in the market, with mixed quality. Consumers do not know how many brands there are, and even designers do not know the decoration wallpaper brand, Most consumers can only judge the grade of decoration wallpaper from the size and price of the store. To this end, this newspaper specially interviewed Mr. Chen, a designer with many years of decoration experience. He said that environmental protection is the primary condition when choosing wallpaper. It is understood that there are many colors and materials of wallpaper in the market, among which PVC, non-woven fabric and pure paper are the most commonly used. In home decoration, PVC synthetic decoration wallpaper should not be used as much as possible, because the environmental protection performance of PVC is worse than that of natural wood pulp decoration wallpaper, wood fiber decoration wallpaper and fabric decoration wallpaper, especially those that smell plastic

secondly, the quality of decoration wallpaper cannot be judged simply by the price. According to the designer, the prices of some wallpapers sold in the market are often very high, but not necessarily because the price is high, the quality is good. Therefore, consumers need to know more about the expertise of wallpapers. When choosing wallpapers, they should wipe them with water, burn them with fire, and make more comparisons to choose truly high-quality and low-cost decoration wallpapers

finally, when choosing decoration wallpaper, you should consider the whole, first determine your favorite style, and then start from the color, pattern and characteristics of decoration wallpaper, so that it varies from person to person and from room to room. Generally, each room selects different decors and colors of decoration Wallpapers according to different functions. At the same time, you must get a feeling against the light beyond 2 meters for the favorite decoration wallpapers. However, the construction technology of decoration wallpapers is relatively complex. Therefore, you must find professional workers to pave during decoration

conclusion: both owners of first-time decoration and experienced decorators need to be careful when facing the dazzling building materials market. Visit more, know more, and compare more, so as to install a satisfactory home as much as possible





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