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What are the ways to save money in decoration? Decorating a house is the most troublesome thing. Most people only encounter it once or twice in their life. They don't know the decoration cost, material procurement, sanitary ware performance, etc., so when they encounter such things, they don't know the order of decoration and procurement at all. The cost of decoration is controlled. As a result, the final decoration price is much higher than the quoted psychological price. Let's see what are the ways to save money in decoration with me

first, clarify the decoration objectives and determine the basic budget

to put it bluntly, it is about how much money you are going to spend. The upper and lower limits of the budget must be clear, because decoration is a bottomless pit. If the budget positioning is inaccurate and has been wavering, the wronged money spent will not be calculated. Take a three bedroom, two hall and two bathroom with a building area of 120 square meters as an example, the pure decoration (excluding household appliances and furniture) should be controlled at about 40000, of course, 30000 is also achieved

several big spenders: 1. Solid wood flooring 2. Sanitary ware 3. Kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances and stoves

second, clarify the key points of decoration, haggle over every inch of land

the floor is the most critical, because the tone of the floor determines the overall tone of the house, and the scale of the floor also determines the overall price positioning of decoration. Now the solid wood floors are all painted boards and also installed, 80 square meters, 150 yuan/square meter, 12000 yuan

Kohler, the leader of sanitary ware, and Lejia are both common brands. There are many group purchases on the jar. Just participate in the group purchase at a discount of 5-5.5% of the manufacturer's unified market guide price. The combined toilet is about 2000, the split toilet is about 1000, the basin on the stage is about 250, the basin under the stage is about 200, the lavatory and bathtub faucet are about 250 respectively, and the bathtub is about 1500. A toilet can be controlled between 3300-4300. The small toilet is recommended to be used as a storage room. If it is really necessary, it is recommended to buy some second-line domestic well-known brands, such as Wrigley, meijiahua, and the toilet faucet can be controlled at 1500— 1800

the kitchen is the big part of money, and it is also the part that is particularly easy to lose control of the budget. First of all, cookers, range hoods, sinks, and well-known brand embedded cookers 700— 1200, the traditional range hood is about 700, and the European style is about 1200. Flumes such as Franka and Moen, the lowest end suits of first-line brands are about 900, and second-line brands such as Yonghong and Forrest are also quite good. His high-end products are also 900/set, and the mid-range ones can be controlled within 600. The cabinet is the most easily out of control part. Generally, the cabinet company has no factory, which is basically a bag company. It's just a matter of two people measuring and drawing pictures. If you can order directly from the manufacturer, the cabinet with 800 yuan/linear meter is quite good. Of course, the hardware part is calculated separately. Unless otherwise agreed, the hinge used by the cabinet factory is 2 yuan/piece, the air support is 15-25 yuan/piece, the painted door panel is 140 yuan/square meter, the fireproof board is 90 yuan/square meter, and the slightly better veneer will not exceed 200 yuan/square meter. The artificial stone table top is 220-250 yuan/meter (60 cm wide), the cabinet frame is 40-60 yuan/square meter based on the expanded area, and the veneered back plate is 18-25 yuan/square meter. The above prices include workmanship, that is, the supply price of the cabinet factory to the cabinet company. Generally, a 2.5-meter-long L-shaped cabinet can be controlled within 2300

the cabinet is a black door, which must be paid great attention to, but it is still a dead thing, which can be clearly explained. But some things can't be understood. In fact, when we invite a home decoration company, what we really need to do is water and electricity, pipes and tiles, carpentry and paint

wire and pipe materials can be controlled within 1300-1700 yuan. But the premise is to buy by yourself, not by craftsmen and home decoration companies

as long as you buy domestic second-line brands, the discount is about 5-5.5% of the guide price, controlled between 5000-7000

carpenters must not let carpenters make furniture. His work is limited to making door jambs and ceilings. The wooden door can be customized, about 160 yuan/fan. The ceiling must use light steel keel. Although the material is more expensive, the workmanship is cheaper than the wooden ceiling, and it will not deform. Of course, the popular trend now is that the less the ceiling, the better

paint 2000— About 3000, 3000 is enough

16A socket shall be used for air conditioner

another expensive thing is the network and telephone modules, which cost an average of 100 yuan per module. How can this be saved? You can buy some single hole panels, 3-4 yuan/piece. Pull out the network cable by about 10cm, and make crystal heads respectively. Because the telephone and the network itself have to pull out a long line, so you don't have to stick to the appearance. If the length is not enough, you can also connect the extension cable, and you can buy the ready-made network cable. In this way, if you want to connect 5-6 network breaks, you can save 500 yuan at a time. The money saved is enough to buy a crimping pliers. In the future, you can connect as much as you want

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