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On March 5, 2013, hosted by China Building Decoration Materials Association and hosted by the wallpaper branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association, the 2013 China wallpaper industry expo was solemnly opened in the National Conference Center. This exhibition attracted hundreds of well-known wallpaper enterprises from all over the country, as well as nearly 100000 dealers and professional visitors from all over the country. The atmosphere was extremely hot

it is understood that the innovative products brought by the exhibitors of the wallpaper industry in this Expo have become the biggest highlight of the exhibition, and have a forward-looking development trend direction for the development trend of the wallpaper industry in the future. The wallpaper products with a hundred flowers in bloom have made the exhibitors refreshing

Tencent home furnishing reporters had the honor to interview Ren Binggang, general manager of the Sales Department of Beijing tupley wallpaper, to jointly discuss the development status and trend of China's wallpaper industry

Ren Binggang, general manager of the Sales Department of tupley wallpapers, was interviewed by Tencent ・ Asia Pacific home.

the crowd at the tupley Wallpapers exhibition was surging and bustling.

interview time: March 2013. 6

interview location: Beijing wallpaper exhibition site

interview person: Ren Binggang, general manager of the Sales Department of Beijing tupley wallpaper

interview reporter: liaotianyun

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: Hello, president Ren! Thank you very much for accepting Tencent Interview with Asia Pacific home. Today is the second day of the exhibition. According to the situation of yesterday and this morning, how about the effect of this time

Ren Binggang: the effect is pretty good, generally speaking

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: how many times are we participating? Compared with the previous effect? Is there a large number of orders signed with the dealer

Ren Binggang: since the opening of this exhibition, we have participated in it every time, and the effect this time is better than before

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: what is the purpose and significance of our participation in this exhibition

Ren Binggang: now the market competition is very fierce. Our purpose is to better establish our brand image and expand our market influence through this exhibition. At the same time, we will take advantage of this opportunity to do a good job in attracting investment. Our products can also be better and faster introduced to dealers through this exhibition

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: the brands participating in this exhibition have shown new products to attract attention. What new products have we brought today

Ren Binggang: there are more new products this year than in previous years. I walked around the exhibition yesterday. I dare to say that our products are the best in both quality and design. We are still very confident about this

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: what are the main styles and characteristics of the new product

Ren Binggang: our style can be said to follow the popular trend and constantly adapt to market competition, including in terms of technology, because every product we make has a technical content Another is that we have been making progress in design

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: do we have our own design team

Ren Binggang: we not only have our own design team, but also employ foreign senior designers The new products on display this time are all our own original designs

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: you said you hired foreign designers. What is the difference between China and foreign countries in terms of design concept

Ren Binggang: at present, the development speed of design in China is also quite fast, but there is still a gap. Many Chinese wallpaper makers go abroad to buy paintings and foreign designs.

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: why is there such a big gap

Ren Binggang: there is no need to ask why. When Chinese and foreign wallpapers are placed together, others' wallpapers are better than yours. This is the difference

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: as the general manager of the sales department, do you have any unique secrets in marketing? Can you teach us something

Ren Binggang: I don't have any secrets. I just follow the rules of the game in this market and industry, and then try my best to meet the needs of customers. This is the direction of my work

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: from the scene of the exhibition, there is a serious phenomenon of homogenization in the wallpaper industry. How can we stand out in the competition of so many homogenized products and maintain our core competitiveness

Ren Binggang: if you want to be a big enterprise, I think you should at least maintain the differences and uniqueness between you and others in R & D and design. If everyone is homogeneous, there will be no characteristics If you want to be in the leading position in design strength, you need to practice your internal skills

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: how to improve the popularity of wallpaper among Chinese families

Ren Binggang: now the development speed of wallpaper has been very fast. With the improvement of our people's living standards and aesthetic ability, we have gradually realized the great role of wallpaper in the home environment, which is also an important part of spiritual needs

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: the wallpaper market is so competitive, how does our company do a good job in brand building and channel construction

Ren Binggang: these days, our company has special people to build this brand, and will continue to carry out online publicity, participate in exhibitions, etc., as well as through the media In terms of channels, we have made wallpapers for more than 30 years, and the channels should be very stable. Today, we will make a channel adjustment, because the market competition is too fierce, it will have some bad phenomena

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: what is the bad phenomenon

Ren Binggang: refers to vicious competition This is unavoidable

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: are you considering trying e-commerce this year

Ren Binggang: we have been exploring e-commerce for a long time

[Tencent. Asia Pacific home]: what is the company's goal this year

Ren Binggang: our goal is to make progress in stability





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