CNR Xi'an Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Automobi

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On June 6, the "signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between central enterprises in Shaanxi and provincial enterprises" was grandly held in the people's building of Xi'an city. Li Jinzhu, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, personally witnessed the signing and made a speech. Hanzhijian, deputy general manager of Xi'an equipment company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of the company. According to the agreement, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and work together to develop the LNG equipment industry

Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturing enterprise and the only new energy commercial vehicle manufacturer in Northwest China, and its new energy automobile LNG heavy truck is in an absolutely leading position in the industry, which can process data and operate the network of test results in accordance with the requirements of gb228 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". CNR Xi'an equipment company is building a chemical equipment manufacturing base mainly based on LNG. Prior to this, the two sides, through many contacts and negotiations, focused on China's railway and highway LNG storage and transportation and related equipment, based on their own resource advantages, reached the intention of complementary advantages, achieving win-win and common development, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build LNG heavy trucks, seek better and faster development of LNG industry, and take this opportunity to jointly create a green road for domestic heavy vehicles

more than 70 central and provincial enterprises in Shaanxi participated in the conference on how to calibrate electronic universal machines, with a signed amount of about 14billion yuan

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